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Ruzzle iOS solution

The solution for Ruzzle iOS problems is nearby!

Ruzzle is looking for ‘beta-testers’ regarding sluggishness. Please read e-mail below which we have received from Ruzzle.

Now I know a lot of users have reported issues regarding sluggishness with Ruzzle and we would really appreciate if you could send out a message to those who have experienced this and ask them if they would like to participate in a “beta-test-group”? Once you have received a couple of participants, please email their email addresses (the email addresses they access through there phone) and we will send out an invitation. Once they have accepted all steps of the invitation we will see that there has been a device ID registered (that’s why it is very important for these “beta-testers” to accept all steps of the invitation and that they are doing it within there device) and once that has been registered we will send them a beta version which will run as a separate application.

IMPORTANT: The users who wants to help us with this must send me an update twice a day where they tell us about how Ruzzle is running, if the sluggishness still occur and so on.

Do you think you could help us with this? We would really appreciate it :)

If you would like to join the beta-test-group, please send your Ruzzle username and e-mail address to info[at] Please note that we can’t guarantee that Ruzzle will invite you to join the beta-test-group.

7 Responses to The solution for all the Ruzzle iOS problems!

  1. SKIP says:

    Since the Santa download, the War Ads freeze the game, not allowing you to go back or even “X” out.
    have to delete the entire game app and reinstall…
    doesn’t happen with the video ads

  2. Jane says:

    Since the most recent update, ruzzle is not functioning. What is going on?

  3. John Shell says:

    Tried to upgrade premium status , wouldn’t let me and account and ruzzle friends out and a new account. Help,!!!!!

  4. HINESTL157 says:

    Tried restoring updaate several times on iPad Air, but still can’t see oppnts words. Can see stats. Still says “. Only part of it works. Also not able to see all words. Is this being worked on?

  5. Margie Ferraro says:

    I have never been able to open Ruzzle on my iPad. I have been playing on my iPod but the Game Center has me down as never played. I have trouble on the iPod getting only one letter and I experience many crashes. I hope these problems can be addressed.

  6. Annemarie Conrod says:

    I’d like to help solve the problems with Ruzzle, just tell me what to do.

    • says:

      Hi Annemarie, good to hear. I quote from the post:

      So, do you want to join the beta-test-group? Please send your Ruzzle username and e-mailadress to info[at] There is however no garantuee that Ruzzle will invite you join the beta-test-group.

      So please send your details and we will send it to the Ruzzle developers.

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