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The Ruzzle developers remained remarkably quiet, even though it is obvious that Ruzzle Windows phone does not function properly. Now, an update is announced that we expect will be available for download next week. The update will add statistics, additional Ruzzle Awards and notifications. Also, the problems with logging in with Facebook on WP7 will be solved.

If you still have problems after this update, please let us know! We will contact the developers at the end of next week to inform them of problems you are having.

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7 Responses to Ruzzle Windows Phone update coming soon

  1. Peregrinedis says:

    I loved Ruzzle for the lack of boosters- if I don’t join tournaments will the people I play still be able to buy extra time?
    It’s the reason I left Scramble- I like the skill-only based level playing field—

  2. Annemarie Conrod says:

    Hi, I’m having difficulty playing opponents today….I get notifications of invites but when I open Ruzzle, noones there! I’ve over 20 Ruzzle players waiting to play and that’s unusual! Someone would’ve played or resigned and it’s been over 76 hours for one opponent! Can you tell me what’s going on, is it Ruzzle or my phone that has a problem? Thank you.

  3. Cindiloihoo66 says:

    Great game

  4. B CROWE says:

    ruzzle game was loaded on my kindle. I have been trying to get someone show me how to play it. is there such a thing as instructions without having to go around the world. it sounds like fun and I am told you can play it by yourself pleas help.

  5. Bobbie McMahon says:

    I play Ruzzle several times a day. Tonight, July 9th it started not giving me points for words. When I would make a word it would kind of shake up at the top. I’ve never had this problem. Could you please tell me what is going on? Thank you

  6. artyiana says:

    i love ruzzle

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