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In the video above, we discuss the Ruzzle update 1.6.3 for iOS. The update involves bug fixes and improvements in stability. Not everyone, however, agrees on the latter. In the video we tell you what problems players run into after updating Ruzzle. Naturally, new features that come with this update will be discussed too. 

  • free players can start making use of premium features;
  • new possibilities to easily challenge your previous opponents for a rematch;
  • Facebook friends are now included in the ranking statistics
This article is kept up to date since November 27, 2013. Meanwhile Ruzzle has released new updates to version 1.7.1, which solved many of the problems caused by update 1.6.3 for iOS. The most recent update was on December 20, 2013.

We received the following response from Ruzzle on November 28, 2013 from the Ruzzle developers.

We are aware of this problem and we are working on it right now! Hopefully there just need to be a server release but for know we do not know for certain.

Regarding the sound problem.. This is something that seems to be haunting us where the sound sometimes disappear and than after a while reappears…. We do not know why this is happening, sometimes it works by restarting the device.

The following message on November 29, 2013 comes from the Ruzzle Facebook page.

Reaching out to our iOS users!

We are aware that some of you are having troubles with the game not scoring and we just wanted to let you guys know that we are doing all we can to solve this issue and we truly believe that it can and will be solved soon!

We appreciate all of you for showing support and for having the patience! It means a lot to us!

Thank you!

Solution will be available soon. This is the e-mail we just got from the Ruzzle developers on December 3, 2013.

We have just lunched a new update that should be available now or in a little while. It’s the version 1.6.4 people should download from App Store. This version includes fixes for these problems.

From the Ruzzle Facebookpage on December 17, 2013.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we’re aware of the current performance issues affecting many of you. We understand that it’s frustrating to have a game you love become slow and unresponsive, so we’ve set fixing this issue as our number one priority. As we speak our devs are hard at work on a solution for this issue and we are aiming to release it as soon as it is ready.

Please update to version 1.7.1, released December 20, 2013.

We made an update on 18th which should have solved a lot of performance related issues. But the the update that was made 20th was just a minor update (which didn’t include that issue).

Still having problems? Please let us know.

10 Responses to Ruzzle update 1.6.3 for iOS (not without problems)

  1. Jill says:

    The app won’t connect to facebook
    I tried deleting it, second time around same thing.

  2. anna says:

    Love the game but the sluggishness of the game drives me crazy. I also play Words With Friends and the comparison leave Ruzzle looking pretty bad. I play on Iphone 4

  3. Job says:

    Performace is echt killing traag op Iphone 4, IOs7. Had eerst last van de ‘Cheat-update’ met de zwarte schermpjes. Na de update ging het even goed, maar nu gaat het slechter en slechter. Ik krijg nnu ook weer dat het spel 10 seconden stil staat tijdens een ronder. Tussen door soms 15 seconden wachten om door mijn spellen te scrollen. Drama. ZIjn er soms Server problemen?

  4. aaliyah says:

    since installing update on Iphone 4 games are hesitant on scoring and updates. Have to tap several times for responses. It is frustrating on a previous fast paced game.

  5. k koggs says:

    I’d like to see a fix for the app taking forever to update games (not updating the app – the screen temporarily freezes and all clicking is dead). There are so many time lags whether waiting for all of your games to appear, waiting to get to the next screen in order to see your score within a game and also waiting to play the game once you hit ‘Play’. The screen also temporarily freezes when you try to scroll down to see completed games. I have the paid version but these time lags are making me lose interest in the game. Please fix it!

  6. jerry bracey says:

    Game does not respond to touch on iphone 5 immediately (needs several taps) when starting or selecting opponent or scrolling, this has started in the last week.

    • says:

      Hi Jerry, we can ask the developers about it. They are working on issues on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, since you have iPhone 5 please let us know version of iPhone software and the Ruzzle version.

      • Garz75 says:

        I have the same problem as Jerry: iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4, ruzzle 1.6.4
        The interface is unresponsive on startup (even after the Game Center banner), like described. This happens also during the game sometimes. It freezes for 1-2s, the goes back to normal.
        Really annoying…

        • says:

          Hi Garz75 (and Jerry), Ruzzle developers are really working hard on a fix, see there response to our e-mail below.

          We are doing all we can to solve this issue and we have it as the number one priority this week, and we hope we can fix it as soon as possible and provide everyone with a new update.

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