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Ruzzle tips are always welcome if you want to achieve high scores in the world’s fastest word game! Read the following tips carefully, and maybe you will end up with a spot in our Ruzzle rankings. We will first explain how the Ruzzle scoring system works, and finish with a number of Ruzzle tips that will surely help you improve your Ruzzle skill level.

Ruzzle tips bonuspoints

Ruzzle scoring system

This is one of our most valuable Ruzzle tips: know how the scoring works! The reason for the following explanation of the Ruzzle scoring system is a question by Yvonne on our Dutch fansite. The word games of the past were limited to three times the letter value or three times the word value. In Ruzzle, however, extremely high word scores are possible, as the category ‘Best Ruzzle Word’ in our Ruzzle rankings shows.

Ruzzle bonuspoints

The first of our Ruzzle tips is about gaining extra bonuspoints for the Ruzzle words. Pay close attention to letters with double letter points (DL), triple letter points (TL), double word points (DW) and triple word points (TW). With the use of these you can improve your scores significantly. Click the picture for an enlarged version.

Ruzzle length points

Our second tip is that besides collecting bonus points, you should also take into account the length points that can be earned. A longer word means more length points. The image below shows that there are not only word points, but also 5 different length points.

Ruzzle tips length points

  • 9 letters – 25 Ruzzle length points
  • 8 letters – 20 Ruzzle length points
  • 7 letters – 15 Ruzzle length points
  • 6 letters – 10 Ruzzle length points
  • 5 letters – 5 Ruzzle length points
  • 4 letters or less – 0 Ruzzle length points

Here ends our explanation of the Ruzzle scoring. There is really only one way to collect a great amount of points! You will find out what this is with the help of the examples below.

Ruzzle scoring examples

Ruzzle tips | Example 1

Ruzzle tips | Example 1

In this example we limit ourselves to the double and triple letter points. The word ‘Tierden’ (a Dutch word) is worth 30 points.

Word points: The ‘T’ gives [latex]2 * 2 = 4[/latex] points. The ‘E’ gives [latex]1 * 3 = 3[/latex] points. This brings the total amount of word points to [latex]4 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 15[/latex].

Length points: The word consists of 7 letters. This is worth 15 Ruzzle length points.

Total word value: [latex]15 + 15 = 30[/latex] points.

Ruzzle tips | Example 2

Ruzzle tips | Example 2

In this example we deal with double word points, since the letter ‘R’ is marked with the yellow DL letters. The first step is to calculate the amount of word points as was done in the first example. The second step is to double these points. Is there a letter in your word that is marked red (triple word points)? If so, step two is to triple the amount of word points.

The word ‘Raast’ (a Dutch word) is worth 27 points.

Word points: [latex]2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 11[/latex] These 11 points still have to be multiplied with two because of the double word points, [latex]2 * 11 = 22[/latex] points.

Length points: the word consists of 5 letters, which gives us 5 Ruzzle length points.

Total word value: [latex]22 + 5 = 27[/latex] points.

Ruzzle tips | Example 3

Ruzzle tips | Example 3

Things really get interesting when you create a word that contains two letters with double and/or triple word points. In this example, the word ‘Reiden’ (a Dutch word) contains both a letter with double word points and a letter with triple word points.

Here, just as in the previous example, the first step is to calculate the amount of word points.

Word points: [latex]2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 9[/latex] points.

Do you now multiply the word points by five ([latex]2 + 3 = 5[/latex])? The answer is no. Ruzzle rewards you! When words contain several letters with double or triple word points, the multiplication rule applies. In this case you multiply the 9 word points by 6 ([latex]2 * 3 = 6[/latex]). The total amount of word points resulting is [latex]9 * 6 = 54[/latex].

Length points: the word contains 6 letters, resulting in 10 Ruzzle length points.

Total word value: [latex]54 + 10 = 64[/latex] points.

Ruzzle tips | Example 4

Ruzzle tips | Example 4

Now that you understand the scoring, you will also understand that a super high score is possible if you make a word that contains three letters with double and triple word points. In this example, the word ‘Celen’ (a Dutch word) contains both two letters with double word points, as well as a letter with triple word points. Again, step one is to calculate the amount of word points.

Word points: [latex]5+ 1 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 11[/latex] points.

Ruzzle now rewards you even more generously! In this case you can multiply the 11 word points by 12 ([latex]2 * 2 * 3 = 12[/latex]). The amount of word points resulting is [latex]11 * 12 = 132[/latex].

Length points: The word contains 5 letters, resulting in 5 Ruzzle length points.

Total word value: [latex]132 + 5 = 137[/latex] points.

Good luck with creating great Ruzzle words!

Become a better Ruzzle player by adhering to a good structure

Try and stick to a good routine in the game, for example by starting in the upper right corner. By doing so you will miss fewer words and avoid getting confused. As soon as you are done with the upper right corner, you move on to the other corners. Maybe you will do so well that you will earn a place in our list for highest Ruzzle word count.

Extend Ruzzle words

The image on the left is a classic example of increasing your Ruzzle score: simply extend the words! The words in the example are Dutch.

Put Ruzzle in reverse

A great and easily applied way to earn more points is to play words in reverse. Did you find ‘dog’? Reverse the letters and enter ‘god’. And don’t forget ‘do’ and ‘go’! Other possibilities: raw/war, lap/pal, mad/dam, pot/top.

Practicing Ruzzle

We are not yet through with our Ruzzle tips. By now you know how the Ruzzle scoring works. Also, we gave you a number of tips to improve your playing. We think it is time for you to put all this knowledge into practice! Practicing Ruzzle is actually applying the Ruzzle tips that we discussed before, giving you high scores. If you really want to become better at this great word game, than practicing Ruzzle is simply the best way.

You can practice Ruzzle without embarrassment until you feel ready to invite an opponent. As closely as you might follow the Ruzzle tips, this really is the best way to improve! In the main screen, click on ‘Start new game’. Next, you can choose for the ‘Practice mode’. In this mode you can play single rounds offline. This is only possible in the paid version of Ruzzle.

Watch the Ruzzle tutorial

You can watch the tutorial by going to ‘Settings & Help’, under ‘Help’. You can find the page ‘Settings & Help’ by clicking in the upper right corner of the app’s main screen.

Find your Ruzzle opponents on Twitter

If you search Twitter for Ruzzle or #Ruzzle, you’ll see that there are often people looking for an opponent. This is yet another way to practice Ruzzle! Of course you can also send a tweet yourself. This is possible from the app! Click on ‘Start new game’ and then on ‘Twitter followers – challenge your followers’. Tip: mention your playing level (See the FAQ for an explanation). And don’t forget to mention us in your tweet: @RuzzleOnline. Our followers, all fans of this fun word game, will then also notice your tweet.

44 Responses to Ruzzle tips to improve your Ruzzle score

  1. Judith Librot says:

    problem with my score. I won 9 out of 10 games,and my score did not change. My name on Ruzzle is JE44. Please help.

  2. speshok says:

    I am a very big fan of this game but there are a few kinks that needs to be clarified. Im not understanding how the scoring works in the tournements the score rarely moves and i am an advocate player. Please help

  3. Debashree Pati says:

    I went up to level 11 but it suddenly dropped me down and displays level 1. Please help!

  4. Tim Yates says:

    How do I get ranking points? I have more stats than a facebook friend and he is ranked higher than me?

  5. Tim Yates says:

    When I go to rankings and then “friends”, there is a friend with far less everything than myself yet he still outranks me? Why? Id also like to know the best way to get points that count towards being ranked? Thanks

  6. Znarf3 (de) says:

    Bonus Letters don´t work properly:
    See this screenshot:
    The word “FOREN” should be worth 293 points:
    9 (letter points) * 2^5 (five times double word) + 5 (word length bonus) = 293
    But it has scored only 89 points, as you can see in the image.
    What´s wrong?

  7. Roxanne says:

    I purchased the premium version some time ago on my iPhone 4. Today I got a new iPhone 5 and downloaded my ruzzle game from the “cloud”, but all the ads are back on it! Why?

    • mnanda says:

      You have to go into Settings and you’ll find a place to activate a previously purchased version – it’s n same place “purchase”

  8. Nance says:

    As I encounter more adept players, the Ruzzle boards SEEM to become more difficult with fewer combos of letters. Am I imagining this, or do the letter set ups advance as we advance?

  9. James says:

    Sometimes Ruzzle does not count valid words during a game. Why would this be? Also, I’ve played many games continuing from another device to my cell phone with the same player. It doesn’t appear to be updating statistics. Any suggestions or explanation?

  10. Uscscott says:

    Hi there, I purchased Ruzzle premium on my android. I just upgrade my phone to an iPhone. How do I transfer the Ruzzle Premim over to my new cel phone? It doesn’t make sense that you’d need to buy this twice. I already bought the premium, and just want to use it on my new phone. Thank you!

    • says:

      Hi, I’m sorry, but you have to buy it again. Ruzzle is not involved in the buying process, and since buying something in the store from Google is not the same as buying something in the store of Apple, you have to purchase it again.

  11. Ava says:

    Why isn’t ruzzle not giving me points for some of my words? Example found the word “broad” but did not give me any points and when found word “so”it gave me points. Out of 3 rounds my total score was less than 200 points and I’ve scored at least 200 in first round. How can this be fixed?

  12. hmr says:

    Have been waiting for random opponent for hours. Usually the wait is only minutes. What’s going on?

  13. says:

    What bearing does the accuracy percent have on the score

  14. Joeann says:

    What bearing does accuracy have on the score?

  15. David says:

    I was playing this game for months, I decided to purchase it and now 12 hours later it froze and I can’t play it. What can I do?

  16. Paula says:

    Why is it that sometimes I only put one letter in when it seems to freeze and I cannot put the rest of the word in?

  17. Jeff says:

    Why are my points usually reduced after completion? Sometimes this is several hundred points per round. Thanks

  18. Khandace9 says:

    Why is it at the end of the game it says I found 31 words but when I actually count all the words that I found there are 47? Furthermore, it looks like I receive sometimes for a word or vice versa with my opponent. Please explain.

    • Gamere says:

      I play Ruzzel on my iPad and have found that sometimes words I play are rejected when I know, in fact, they were accepted in other rounds. Why is this.

  19. RUSSIE1961 says:

    I have been playing random opponents and I am able to play the 1st and second rounds. However, after completing my third round, I have not been receiving my opponents last play to finish the game. I thought at first that my opponents were busy doing other things but it become more apparent since I now have 6 random opponents who have not finished the game.

  20. Ruth says:

    On my game statistics, old random opponents name ( which I no longer play) are still there & new ones are not being posted. Neither are family members names being added, therefore I don’t know how I stand competitively. Are just so many names allowed & if so why can’t the old names be deleted? The names listed are when I first started playing Ruzzle; by the way it’s a very addictive game $ so much fun! Don’ know what I did in my spare time before I was introduced to it.

  21. FLZephyr says:

    I recently purchased the Ruzzle premium app for my iPhone. Earlier today, I suddenly found myself waiting for multiple opponents. Several hours later I have tried to complete games only to find all of the games still open waiting on my opponents. I am also unable to start another game. I logged out and logged back in. Eventually I also uninstalled and reinstalled the program without successfully being able to play again. What do I need to do?

    • says:

      Hi, this should be solved by now… from the developers:

      Thanks for letting us know about the random opponent requests that for some players could get stuck. Thanks to you we have identified and resolved the issue. Ruzzle on!

      • Karen Girard says:

        I am stuck on requesting a random opponent. How can this be resolved. I am unable to play because if this problem.

    • seageek says:

      I’m having this problem today 9/2/2013

      • Aaron says:

        Me 2 :-( from almost an hour!
        Same’ol story, even uninstalled the app, but couldn’s seem to get this working.
        I’m on iOS 7 / iPhone 4

    • usclm says:

      After an update that applied on my S4 and my wife’s iPod today, we are having lots of screen update issues. I challenge her and it never goes through. I get a message that she had accepted my game but the app doesn’t show it – still pending. I send her a text message and she doesn’t receive it. Both devices are up-to-date on OS. Restarting S4 doesn’t seem to help. Wasn’t having any of these problems today till the update.

  22. Mark White says:

    Hi, I’ve completed all the achievements except the “challenge Twitter followers” …I don’t use my Twitter often, but I do have a account. In the app there is only an option for random opponents, Facebook friends, and ruzzle friends. I have the latest version. How can I be rewarded this achievement?

    • says:

      Hi Mark, that’s because you are not playing Ruzzle on an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Probably you are playing on an Android device, Ruzzle for Android still needs an update for this.

      The 16th of January we received this message from Ruzzle about this update:

      Hopefully in a couple of weeks.

      We are still waiting…

  23. papouf94 says:

    I feel very unfair the shameful system of scoring : I won 2 games behind eachother, and got twice 2 points !! 4 points in total !!! BUT I lost ONE game, and got 23 points off !!! No explanation !!

  24. sudey says:

    I play with an iphone5 free version of Ruzzle. When I compare the “all words” list at the end of the game with the ones I have found, many of the words I have found on my list show up with less points than the ones in the all word list and are shown as a lighter gray color. This also happens when comparing scores between opponents. Often the same word I found in the same position is given less points than my opponent and adds up to considerable losses in points. Any ideas what is happening?

  25. Bonnie l. says:

    Why is it that simetimes you and ur opponent both find the same word but the scores given are not the same

    • ruzzleonline says:

      This is because sometimes you can put a word in multiple on the board. This means that you can also use other bonus fields and thus get a different score.

      • sudey says:

        Many times I have played the same word, not in multiple, not available using a different letter pattern on the board but the exact same letters in the same position and my opponent will use the same word and get more points. It is basically the same opponent every time and often adds a LOT of points in their favor. Any ideas why? Thanks :)

  26. candy carr says:

    I started playing a while back; however, i have only played practice rounds. I am now ready to play a game with a real person and it says i have already played 3-4 games. I have not played any. Can I please get this cleared? my stats are starting put incorrect.

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