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Ruzzle Windows PhoneThe time has finally come… Ruzzle can now be played on even more platforms! Ruzzle was unexpectedly released for the BlackBerry Z10. Now, this is finally followed by the release of Ruzzle for Windows Phone. Play right away? Then here are the download links:

But watch out… The release for Ruzzle Windows Phone has long been anticipated. Many people reacted surprised when they found out that Ruzzle was first released for the BlackBerry Z10. The expectations for Ruzzle for Windows Phone seem not to be fulfilled yet. The look and feel is like we showed you before on the Dutch fansite  in the Ruzzle Windows Phone video. Several reactions about the functionality, however, are as follows:

Unbelievable, asking $ 3.- for something that doesn’t work #fail

The game is as defect as can be… everything works, except the playing itself.

The game was obviously not ready for this platform. Logging in and inviting is possible, playing is not. I’m getting a blue screen and a ticking clock. After that nothing functions… Hoping for a quick solution.

Do you also experience problems, or is everything actually working fine with you? Let us know in a comment underneath this message, and we will notify the developers directly.

In case the comments above did not make it clear: this first version of Ruzzle is available for download only as a paid version for $ 2.99 Also, a number of possibilities that are included in the iPhone and Android versions are lacking. The developers are working on a next update that will give the paid version exactly the same possibilities as Ruzzle Premium for Android and iOS.

De free version for Ruzzle will eventually be released, but it is, at the moment of writing this, not ready yet. So if you do not want to pay, then just keep an eye on our website for more news about Ruzzle Free for Windows Phone.

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