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Ruzzle statisticsThe Ruzzle update to version 1.4.7 for the iPhone (and iPad and iPod) primarily consists of many small bugfixes.

What is new, however, are the statistics for Ruzzle Premium. Most of the statistics remain the same, with statistics for Swipe distance and Longest winning streak being new additions to the list. Another challenge to take on!

Ruzzle practice mode

Besides this, the Ruzzle developers have now made the practice mode available in Ruzzle Free; this mode was previously only available in Ruzzle Premium.

Best Ruzzle Word Practise ModeGo ahead and check out or Ruzzle tips about practicing. This might lead you to extraordinary results, such as those by JACKVDL from our Dutch fansite. With the highest word score ever he has proven that practicing Ruzzle really helps.

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3 Responses to Ruzzle iPhone update 1.4.7, what’s new?

  1. Yvonne says:

    I just purchased Ruzzle premium for myIPhone 5. Now the sound does not work. I am sure all the switches for sound are “on”. I have even tried reinstalling. No luck. I will want to cancel my account if this cannot be fixed

  2. Carl says:

    Friday 1/24 working fine, sat 1/25 hanging up some…

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