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Ruzzle free is a fun and quick board game where you can challenge your friends or play against a random opponent. Who will find the most words in two minutes?

Ruzzle Free Video

First look at the official Ruzzle video.

Find as many words as possible by moving your finger across the screen. Letters that are adjacent to each other can be used form words. Beautiful sounds and animations make playing even more exciting.

Games last three rounds, and the person with the most points in total wins the game. You can play the rounds if you have the time for it. If you have two minutes left, all that matters is to act fast!

Letter points, word length and bonus rocks help you gather as many points as possible. If you want to practice Ruzzle by yourself first, the premium version gives you the possibility to play your own games. It also removes advertising from the game, gives you the option of using nice profile pictures, as well as an unlimited amount of games you can play, and cool statistics to keep track of your skills.

Challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle Free!

The reason Rumble is now called Ruzzle

Mag Interactive now invests worldwide with their successful game Ruzzle. The game already appeared in 7 languages under the old name Rumble. When the plans to release the game in Spanish, Italian
and Portuguese were ready, it was decided to rename it to Ruzzle. Mag Interactive has chosen to do this because this name is easier to protect as a trademark.

Ruzzle has millions of players in many different countries. The game quickly became popular with Dutch and Scandinavian players. Also in other countries, however, the app often shows up in the top 10 of the App store, and is only a matter of time before it will reach number one. It is safe to say that Ruzzle is conquering the world. The first magical milestone of a billion played rounds is already far behind us. At this moment Ruzzle is available for iOS and Android. Ruzzle for Windows Phone will come your way soon.

About Mag Interactive

From the very moment that the App Store opened, MAG Interactive began developing apps for the iOS platform. After several years of developing apps for other companies and for their own pleasure, they started focusing seriously on developing their own apps. The first app that resulted was Rumble (now called Ruzzle), in March 2012. MAG Interactive still has a lot of exciting ideas in store, so keep an eye on them for more fun games. Recently, for example, they released the fun and exciting quiz game called QuizCross.

The Mag Interactive team is a group of passionate developers and designers. Their mission is to develop games that are easy to play and will make you go around and convince your friends to start playing too!

The Mag Interactive team is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

41 Responses to Ruzzle Free

  1. Stephanie Augonis says:

    I would like to delete Ruzzle on my iphone and signed in as stephanieaugonis on my Facebook account through Websteravonlady[at] I used it once and the next game turned out to be called Game of War. I don’t want it and cant get past it. So please delete this from my account.
    Stephanie Augonis

  2. thomasb9 says:


    i am at level 20…
    I get experience points… but i stay on level 20…
    some bug??



  3. Debashree Pati says:

    I have Ruzzle free and went up to level 11. After announcing that I was at level 11, Ruzzle suddenly brought me down to level 1 and hasn’t saved any of my previous data. Any help?

  4. Evelyn Chardon says:

    I purchased the game a while back, now it saying game has stop.
    Can’t get it back on ! So sad! I love playing it !

  5. Jan says:

    In free version I got “All words” for 200 golden coins. Now it has disappears and I am prompted to buy again. Why is this?

  6. tune457 says:

    Ruzzle just upgraded on my android and will not load now

  7. Jammie Holcomb says:

    I love the way they did Ruzzle. When I was in middle school I heard ppl say that they loved playing this game and I was trying to figure what game are they talking about so I had asked my friends what game are they talking about and comes to find out it was ruzzle. So I had downloaded it to my IPad and I loved it.

  8. dave buskirk says:

    how do I delete the previous opponents.not the friends

  9. mojaleski says:

    For the first time ever I am offended and shocked to have asked to play with a random opponent and the name of the opponent is fuckyoucunt3. I will not be responding to this person and just wonder how when he chose this name that it was allowed at all.

    I don’t know how to dismiss this person and have to see this insulting, crude person’s NAME on my board until it appears that I have forfeited the game, eventually. There should be a place for a player to DISMISS a random player. Otherwise he gets to disturb his intended player or vistim, just by having his name on their screen.

    I would have thought that ruzzle was a game one of my grandchildren could play. I am offended and surprised that this has not been addressed.

  10. R.Nelson says:

    I invite a Ruzzle friend and they try to play but it shows they resign and they are not touching that button at all. They cant text either.
    Please help

  11. Ebony Fulwiley says:

    Hey how do I block this woman she is mad cause she lost twice and now is being disrespectful and I already screen shot the message now do I send it to you cause it makes no sense it’s just a game and she mad.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, send your screenshot and request to official Ruzzle support at info[at]

  12. Sidblake says:

    I got a new phone so I downloaded ruzzle logged in with my Facebook like I did when I first originally downloaded the ruzzle app on my old phone…. But now my ranking is gone as well as all of my friends in my friends list are gone its like I never played a single game before! Any suggestions?

  13. manikousavan says:

    Bonjour, I have a big problem since yesterday’s update. My Ruzzle doesn’t work anymore. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled it but it keeps frozen on the yellow screen. Thanks for resolving because I’m really addict.

  14. MKHAlcott says:

    My ruzzle won’t allow me to play every time I open it it crashes. I want to play. What can I do? I tried shutting phone off, a hard reset, deleting it and redownloading it.

  15. Savannah says:

    Hi, my ruzzle isn’t reloading so i don’t know if people are actually replying or not to me or if that doesn’t really matter if it reloads or not and people are just actually encoring me

    • says:

      Hi Savannah, do you mean that your invitations are not being accepted? There was a problem with random opponents. This is solved now. If this is not your problem, try a re-install and please leave a comment here to clarify your problem.

  16. WordTyrant says:

    Hey, my password is not working for my account that I just made. Can you reset it so that I can get into it? I have played like 3 games and got 117 words on one of my round ones.

    • says:

      Hi, best thing to do is send an e-mail to info[at] and see if they can help you!

  17. FullMetal778 says:

    Did you get my last message? I’ve been waiting to play Ruzzle and I can’t because it won’t let @e access my name, FullMetal778, which is the name I used at sign up through Facebook. Now it made me log in again but it logged in through my actual name and all of my pending games are gone and there we’re a lot of them. Not happy.

    • says:

      Hi, we are going to send your problem to the Ruzzle developers. We will keep you updated.

      • FullMetal778 says:

        Thank you.. Just let me know what they say.

      • FullMetal778 says:

        Did you send it? My brother wants me so I kinda want it fixed. I really hate to sound so pushy but I have nothing to do during the day.

        • says:

          Yes, ofcourse we send it :-). However, we can’t say how fast the Ruzzle developers will reply to our e-mail. You can always send a mail yourself if you think that’s faster.

          • FullMetal778 says:

            No that’s fine, lol. Im just keeping an eye on this page to see if they responded. :)

            • FullMetal778 says:

              They still haven’t responded?

              • says:

                Nope, the support isn’t that quick anymore :-(. In the past they were really responsive.. at this moment I already send three e-mails without reply’s. Sorry about that! Also on there Facebook page there is less activity going on.

                • FullMetal778 says:

                  Well I guess they just want to get sued for the money I spent to buy Ruzzle. I don’t care how little it is. I’ve dealt with enough from them.

                  • says:

                    Reason for not responding on time:

                    These couple of weeks has been tough for us since there have been a lot of vacations and therefore we have been understaffed and struggling to keep up.

                    They answered your question now with:

                    Tell this person to contact us, because I can see in our data base that his account has been deleted.

  18. FullMetal778 says:

    Hey, I went to use my Ruzzle this morning and it told me I had to log in even though I never logged out. Then when I clicked log in through Facebook it logged in under my actual name on Facebook and not my Ruzzle name. It also deleted all of my pending games and left my skill level at 0 with no skill level points. I didn’t buy Ruzzle premium just to have my account stop working. Can you fix it? My original account name was FullMetal778.

  19. Rushy82 says:

    Hi, I have a problem with my Top Notch achievement. I have got a single word point score of 214 yet it still hasn’t cleared the Top Notch achievement as in I haven’t completed it but I have.

    • says:

      Hi, is this problem solved? If not, we can give you some tips to make connection with the Ruzzle server to get it updated.

  20. G. Wilson says:

    A friend of mine wants to play Ruzzle on her iPad. The game can not be found. Only the cheats come up. Is the free version no longer available. Also, why does Ruzzle come in the Mac Pro Game Center, but I am unable to play it?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, Ruzzle is optimized for the iPhone. I you want to play it on the iPad you should not look at the iPad apps, search for Ruzzle in the iPhone apps. You can play it without any problems on your iPad. I think the Mac Pro Game Center is on your PC? Ruzzle is only a game for mobile devices. Please let me know if this helped you.

  21. linda king says:

    I have the free version of ruzzle. When the maybelline ad comes up after a game it freezes and does not allow me to exit out of the ad or get back to main menu to play more games. This is extremely frustrating and I don’t know what to do. Please fix this as it does not do this with any other ad.

    Thank you

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, this problem is solved now:

      About the disturbing ad from Maybeline it should be gone now. We are very sorry about that. We cannot control the ads shown in the game and it was hard tracking it down. Please send an email to if you see it again.

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