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Ruzzle Free Windows Phone

Ruzzle Free available for Windows Phone

The good news is finally here, Ruzzle Free is now available for Windows Phone. You can download Ruzzle Free Windows Phone by clicking on the link. On that page you will also find the specifications your phone must fulfill to be able to play the game.

Do you still remember the negative reactions to the release of Ruzzle Windows Phone on March 28? Not only was there much critique about the fact that Ruzzle only released the paid version, what’s worse is that it did not even work. Of course there was an update for Ruzzle Windows Phone released to fix the problems. Now, 3 months later, we are glad that the developers finished the free version of Ruzzle.

The reviews available on the Windows Phone site are very positive, almost a 5-star rating! But naturally we also would love to hear your experiences on this site. Keep an eye on our website for more general Ruzzle news.

3 Responses to Ruzzle Free for Windows Phone

  1. Zarah Nickel says:

    hi, I downloaded ruzzle yesterday, and I can’t find it on my home screen. It doesn’t show
    up and I can’t find the app.

  2. Teresa says:

    My ruzzle game has frozen in my phone. How can it unfreeze without losing games

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Teresa, you can uninstall it an restart your phone, and reinstall the app again. Your games etc. are stored on the Ruzzle server, so you won\’t loose any statistics as well. You just need to login again and if you play Premium restore your premium account (so you don\’t have to pay again ofcourse).

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