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  1. How can I enable and disable the Ruzzle notifications?
  2. My Ruzzle account seems to be hacked!
  3. Problems with updating or downloading Ruzzle?
  4. Why is Rumble now called Ruzzle?
  5. How does the scoring work in Ruzzle?
  6. Can I watch the Ruzzle tutorial again?
  7. How can I practice Ruzzle by myself?
  8. My friends have much cooler profile pictures! How can I change mine?
  9. What is skill level or Ruzzle ranking?
  10. I am losing many games. How can I improve my Ruzzle score?
  11. I forgot my password. What should I do?
  12. Why do I lose a game even when the last round has not been played?
  13. Can I remove games from the list of completed games?
  14. What is the difference between Ruzzle Free and Ruzzle Premium?
  15. Where did all my old games go?
  16. How do I remove friends?
  17. How do I change my Ruzze username?
  18. How do I cancel my Ruzzle account?
  19. Another Ruzzle player is bothering me on the chat. What can I do to block him or her?
  20. The sound of Ruzzle is no longer working!

How can I enable and disable the Ruzzle notifications?

One players wants notifications, the other might not. Don’t worry. Using the settings on your iPhone or iPad you can manage the notifications and indicate which type of notifications you would like to receive. According to our information, the notifications on iOS are quiet. For an Android device you can change the settings for notifications in the app itself.

My Ruzzle account seems to be hacked!

Are you being bothered by a number of Italians, are games played for you? Then it is time to send an email to the developers of Ruzzle. What the developers need is you username, email address and a description of the problem. You can send this to info[at]

Problems with updating or downloading Ruzzle?

If you have a problem with the App Store, you should contact Apple, or Google in case you are using an Android device. The developers of Ruzzle are not involved in the purchasing and downloading process.

Why is Rumble now called Ruzzle?

Read more about why Rumble is now called Ruzzle on this page about Ruzzle free.

How does the scoring work in Ruzzle?

Read on our page with Ruzzle tips exactly how the Ruzzle scoring system works.

Can I watch the Ruzzle tutorial again?

Look at ‘Help’ under ‘Settings & Help’. You will arrive at the ‘Settings & Help’ page by clicking in the top right corner of the beginning screen of the app.

How can I practice Ruzzle by myself?

At the start screen, click ‘Start new game’. Next, choose for ‘Practice mode. Here you can practice separate rounds offline. On our website we recently notified you that this is now available for Ruzzle free. For more information you can check the messages below:

My friends have much cooler profile pictures! How can I change mine?

Go to ‘Settings & Help’. Under ‘Settings’, choose ‘Account settings’ and go to ‘Select profile pictures.’

What is skill level or Ruzzle ranking?

Ruzzle game calculates your skill level on the basis of an algorithm. Put simply, whenever you beat other Ruzzle players your skill level will increase, and whenever you lose your skill level will decrease. The amount of points that you gain or lose depends on the skill level of your opponent.

What it comes down to:

  • Lose to someone that is worse, and your Ruzzle ranking will decrease significantly;
  • Beat someone that is better, and your player level will increase significantly;
  • Beat someone that is much worse, and it is possible that your player level will not increase at all because it is almost a given that you will win.

In any case, we cannot give you further information if your experience is otherwise. The information above is the information that we received from the Ruzzle developers.

I am losing many games. How can I improve my Ruzzle score?

Make sure to use the bonus tiles as often as you can. The TW (triple word value, red colour) and DW (double word value, yellow colour) are the most valuable bonus tiles. Besides that, there is TL (triple letter value, blue colour) and DL (double letter value, green colour). For more elaborate explanations with examples you can go the page with Ruzzle tips, which features an in-depth explanation of the Ruzzle scoring system.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click on ‘Forgot password’ at the login screen. Ruzzle will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

If you did not fill in your email, there is no possibility to reset and you will normally have to start over with a new Ruzzle account. However, the developers or the Ruzzle app are always willing to see how they can help you. If you send an email to info[at] and explain the situation, they might be able to offer a solution.

On our Dutch fan site there have been Ruzzle players that were convinced that they filled out the email address, but did not receive a password. Also in this situation we recommend that you send an email to info[at] The reason for not receiving a password is often that when registering, you made a mistake when filling out your email address.

Why do I lose a game even when the last round has not been played?

If you wait longer than 72 hours for taking a turn, Ruzzle will appoint your opponent as the winner.

Can I remove games from the list of completed games?

Yes! Click on the ‘x’ on the right.

What is the difference between Ruzzle Free and Ruzzle Premium?

In the free version, the number of game is limited. The paid version offers an unlimited amount of games. Also, the paid version includes fun statistics and the possibility to see all possible words after the round is over. This can only improve your game!

Where did all my old games go?

At the moment you can only view the last 10 played games in the list ‘Completed games.’ These games will be saved for a maximum of one week.

How do I remove friends?

In Ruzzle Android, you can remove friends by pressing and holding the name of your friend and then choose ‘remove’. In iOS you can move your finger from left right across the name of your friend, and choose ‘remove’.

How do I change my Ruzze username?

You cannot change your username in Ruzzle. If you want to play under another username, there is no other option but to create a new Ruzzle account.

How do I cancel my Ruzzle account?

You cannot change your Ruzzle account. Just stop playing, and at some point your account will be removed.

Another Ruzzle player is bothering me on the chat. What can I do to block him or her?

Send a screenshot of the chat to info[at] (the developers of the word game Ruzzle).

The sound of Ruzzle is no longer working!

Unfortunately we regularly receive questions about the sound not working in Ruzzle. Of course this is very annoying. We have repeatedly put this issue forward to the Ruzzle developers. What it comes down to is that reinstalling the app should work. Also make sure that you are using the most recent version and try and restart your phone. Does none of these suggestions work? Then even Ruzzle cannot help you further. Make use of these tips, and if it does not work out, send an email to info[at] This is the email address of the developers of Ruzzle.

Also take a look at the following posts about this problem.

418 Responses to Ruzzle FAQ

  1. Julie Collins says:

    Ruzzle works fine on my old iPhone 4s. But it’s horrible on my new iPad Mini 4. Can’t get the menu off of the left side of the screen, and the game just stops halfway through the “end gong.” With no follow-up results. Really terrible. Any solutions?

  2. Wanda says:

    Ruzzle is not scoring my points.

  3. Audrey says:

    How can I get rid of the following message: ‘Too many games You have too many games with the same user’. This user and I are very competitive and are at the same level, so it is very fun to play against each other. What can I do so that we can continue playing each other?

  4. Robert Schiffman says:

    the password reset that they send me does not work with my user name rbrtschi

  5. JP Cummings says:

    I’ve waited for hours for an opponent to play their turn. Is there a way that I can play all of my rounds without having to wait? This is almost enough for me to uninstall the spp.

  6. Anniet84 & JannieBeet (formerly known as: Marjolinos84 & Mapsel) says:


    Me and my friend have a problem, that occurs now for a year or so:

    When we finish round 2, the game blocks: sometimes we can only see our own score, sometimes no score at all. Than we have no more option than to quit the game. We already tried to play on differend accounts. And we also tried to delete the game and reinstall it. That didn’t solve the problem. And we also played seperately from each other, with ‘santa claus’. That game went well.

    So, where does this go wrong?

    It looks like there is something wrong with the specific connection between us 2. JannieBeet was able to play a game with a random player and that went well. Anniet84 also tried that (twice), but after playing round 1, no results of the opponents appeared.

    We hope somebody can help us out here.

  7. Melanie says:

    I can’t play now and this is what pops up”Unable to connect to the Ruzzle Server”

  8. Melanie says:

    I have an i phone 5.
    Been playing with no problems
    Now I keep getting Error retrieving Ruzzle
    Check settings
    What’s wrong?

  9. JM says:

    Ruzzle plays fine on my old Android tablet running Key Lime Pie version 4x OS, but on my new tablet running Lollipop 5x OS, I can’t get it to load. It hangs up and won’t open.

    Is this a known issue? I emailed about it previously and was told it would be resolved, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and nothing ever happens.

    Please help!

  10. Tony says:

    Is it possible to chat with a Ruzzle friend without actually being in a game with them? Thank you

  11. Roman Clark says:

    I have an Android phone and I play tournaments in ruzzle. Every week I’ll win a certain number of coins, but when I claim them, I am always shorted by a few coins.So if I won 30 coins, I would only receive 27. Has anopne heard of this? And if so, do you know why this happens?

  12. RuzzlePro says:

    My Ruzzle Free won’t start , Can you help me?

  13. Mirko says:

    How do I remove friends?
    SO: 8.4.1

    don’t works….In iOS you can move your finger from left right across the name of your friend, and choose ‘remove’.

  14. Ruth says:

    Ruzzle won’t work on my samsung galaxy any more. Kindle ok but phone says need Internet connection even when phone is connected to wireless. Have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times without success

  15. Daneshea says:

    How many coins does each place specifically receive (2 thru 20) when awarded at the end of a tournament?

  16. Sam says:

    Hey guys, ruzzle restarts itself every time that a round ends.. It is very annoying, I don’t know what to do. I’ve already tried to uninstall and reinstall the app again, but it didn’t work. Please, help me out! Thank you in advance..

  17. Angela says:

    Possible bug… on a regular basis, it says I win ink points after a round, but then those ink points are not added to my total ink points. : ( I’m trying to earn more ink points so that I can get more coins for tournament play, but it just isn’t working. Any idea what’s up with that?

    By the way, I haven’t seen a RuzzleOnline response in the last several months. Are you guys offline now?

    • Criss says:

      Are you playing on Android? I don’t know about other apps or PC, but an Android, you can’t get coins from Ink. Your small ink bottle only holds 200 ink, and you have to use ink to get more ink. Even after you have leveled up enough to get an ink bottle that holds more, you have to pay 200 coins to get a bigger ink bottle. Coins are hard to get. You only get a few by leveling up or winning tournaments. Inks can be used to buy extra time and/or extra bonus squares for one round.

  18. Joe ingea says:

    Hi, as from yesterday my chat is not working properly any more. I can receive messages but not send any. What should i do?

  19. DreadPirateRoberts says:

    Recently when I try to start up Ruzzle, I am asked to either login to the Amazon App store or quit. If I click on login, another message pops up to say I am not logged on. Then the game goes bye-bye. I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. pia says:

    When I play a tournament and score higher than before the result sometimes dosn´t show. Just now I scored 1364 points and was in the lead but in the ranking my old result 1073 still shows. This happens now and then, I can´t find any reason and it is very irritating! It never happens when I play with a friend.

  21. Jan-Pieter says:

    Not realizing there was a Premium version for €2.50 I paid €3.05 to remove ads in Ruzzle free. It didn’t work, I still see all the ads :(

    I tried contacting support (no help) and reinstalling which didn’t change anything.

    Looking at the reviews it should be a common problem. Is there a solution?

    • Jan-Pieter says:

      Sorry, I’m still a smartphone n00b, it was for android 4.4.2 on a Samsung GT-I9301I and it cost me €3.04 to remove ads in Ruzzle free.

      No word from Ruzzle support, but I contacted Google play support and they refunded me. I’ve now bought Ruzzle Premium. No more ads :)

  22. Ernestina says:

    Hello! I bought a new cell phone (an ASUS ZenPhone) running Android 5.0, and Ruzzle locks up on the title screen (the yellow-orange screen with the logo), before even showing me the blue page asking me how to login (facebook, existing account, new account). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and just about anything else I can think of.
    Plese help me, I’m desperate!

  23. Chris says:

    No more. Tired of playing and being tricked into watching the ads. You have to be very quick to click on the x to avoid watching an ad. The x also moves so that you are unable to click on it. I realize that ads are part of the story here, but Ruzzle is just plain rude about it. Thanks. It was fun for a while, but I’m tired of being tricked.

  24. klaria says:

    Hi. Last tournament, it said “you won 100 coin” and i had only 50 (I finished 2d)
    It’s not really important, I just wanted to report it in case it’s à bug ;)

  25. Patricia says:

    For the past 3 days when I log in to Ruzzle its saying Ruzzle has stopped. I play on my Kindle Fire. What is happening? All the other games are working fine.

  26. sarah says:

    What does an opponent see when I turn down their ruzzle invitation?

  27. Deola says:

    I downloaded the latest update for Ruzzle and now my Ruzzle won’t open at all, it stays on the loading page and never goes past that. I have restarted my phone uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared data over and over, nothing. And I still get notifications about new games to be played but it just stays on the “Ruzzle” page. Please, how do I fix this? I also downloaded software updates for my phone (I use a galaxy s5)in case that was the problem, it didn’t help. And is there a way to downgrade because at least the old one never gave me this trouble.

    • gloria says:

      I am having the same problem. I have auto updates turned on. It just updated this morning, and when I tried to start a game with a random opponent, the screen is just stuck on “loading”.

      • Hari says:

        Same here. Ruzzle, please sort it out as quickly as possible. And in my experience, this happens more when I’m on 3g than on WiFi. Also, my phone Moto G 2 runs lolipop

    • Claire says:

      I have the same problem. I love Ruzzle and it’s the only game I play on my phone. I upgraded my phone to a LG G4 and downloaded Ruzzle but it just won’t work. It’s not moving from the loading page. Very frustrating, I did everything, uninstall, reinstall, clear cache etc etc. It came on twice after alot of clearing data and reinstalling but once I leave the game screen to do anything else on my phone, the game won’t reopen (back to the loading page). I miss playing this game :(

  28. Steve says:

    RE: Dead letters

    Just in last 5-6 weeks, I’ve been encountering “dead letters” in the upper left corner. The first two letters from left to right, will randomly be partially in-active. What I mean is I cannot use those letters to “start” any new words. I can use them if they’re in the middle or at the end of a word I start somewhere else, but I can’t use them to start words.
    How can I fix this or is there a update coming out soon to fix it??

  29. dub says:

    Ruzzle not recognizing words. how can this be fixed? I play all the time. I went from 60 to 70 words a round to barley getting 20 words.

  30. Kevo says:

    My boyfriend create an account using my facebook connection. I created my own account but now I can’t link it to my facebook. It’s automatically connecting to my boyfriend account. How can I delete his username and get back my facebook profile with my friends list.

  31. David says:

    I purchased Ruzzle premium to remove the ads. I had to reinstall it, and the ads returned.
    Contact Ruzzle support, and they told me that I had to play to a certain level in order for the game to permit me to remove the ads.

    This is idiocy. Now I play and watch fifteen second videos every time I want to start a new game. They have money, I have to watch advertising, and they don’t give a damn.

    Bad company.

  32. Bcapestone says:

    Regular player I suddenly have Stars and symbols have no idea what they mean

    • Frustrated25 says:

      I have the same problem. There are explanations as to what the symbols mean, plus there are now levels applied to my account and the oppprtunity to play tournaments and “win great prizes.” This looks like a hack, but if it is, it extends even into layers of explanations that appear legitimate, but no one else I play with has encountered this change. It appears to be designed to lead you into spending coins to play. How do I find out what is going on?

  33. mrs.d says:

    Can anyone tell me if the previous opponents list is in order of the last games played (ie last game played is the first person on the list)? Also, is it possible to chat with a Ruzzle friend without actually being in a game with them? Thanks!

  34. Lisa says:

    While playing a match my screen redirects to the App Store. When I go back to Ruzzle it says anti cheat detected I don’t understand how or why the screen leaves the game. It’s very frustrating.

  35. Hdegrijs says:

    After the latest Ruzzle update, Ruzzle is working well, untill you close your game on an iPad. After restarting Ruzzle the game stalls completely. The only thing you see is an arrow going round in circles at the friends and opponent sections.
    Not only does ruzzle stops, the iPad is slowed down on all apps.

    After turning down all the links to Facebook in general settings and also in Ruzzle itself, everything is working like a charme.

    Hope there will be a fix soon.

  36. terri says:

    How can I dd not change another username to ruzzle? Can I do it under a different emsil address?

  37. Bev says:

    The recent update to ‘fix bugs’ made my Ruzzle constantly freeze or not even load. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and now it wants me to pay for Premium again. Why? It’s on the same iPad. I’ve paid for it once!!

  38. Noel says:

    I have purchased premium Ruzzle and have it on my I pad but would like to play it on my new I phone . However I seem unable to use same account . HELP

  39. terry says:

    How can I see if someone has blocked me?

  40. Kim says:

    On Christmas Eve I got. Request from someone name Santa Clause to play a game of ruzzle. I accepted and played. I clicked on Santa Clauses stats and there are none? I requested to play another game, Santa accepted, but he still has no stats. I’m thinking this is a virus? Has there been any other complaints on this? He is still on my page as it is my turn. But I’m thinking perhaps I should just let the timer run out so he will be removed?

    • garland57 says:

      i have almost the same problem after playing santa but now have a virus tgat puts a grey red and yellow ball by my picture and it wont let me spell but a few words

  41. John says:

    I’d like to report a bug – often I would finish my round. Some time later, after my opponent finishes the round, somehow my round would get reset, and I’d have to redo my round again.

    Is this a known issue? I’m on the Samsung Galaxy s3, on Android 4.2.
    If this is a known issue, are there any fixes for it?


  42. Boblex says:

    Sometimes I start a game and two game start simultaneously with the same opponent and I can only play the second game which doesn’t count toward my score. So I wind up getting zero for the round. Any advice to have this stop happening?

  43. Mie says:


    I have changed phones and now I cant log in to my Ruzzle account.
    I made sure to write down my information before changing phones, but I still cant log in.
    I have tried to reset my password, but it says that there is no account under my e-mail…

    What should I do? I would be sad to lose my current games…

  44. Lisa says:

    I had Ruzzle premium on my S3. Got new phone S5. Same brand, same carrier, same number. App was transferred from old phone via cloud. Ruzzle doesn’t recognize me as a premium member. I emailed support. .unhelpful reply of consult faqs. Ok, I go to play store to redownload, it doesn’t recognize that I’ve already paid. FRUSTRATING!

  45. adelia brooks says:

    stop taking my question down and answer it, why do i have to repay for premium? my email address and phone number is the same as when i first paid, i have a different phone but all of my information stayed the same.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Adelia,

      It doesn\’t depend on your information you submitted in the app, it depends on your new phone. If that has the same app store as your previous phone, you don\’t have to pay again. But if you switch from iPhone to Samsung for example, you have to buy it again from Samsung as well. Ruzzle can\’t do anything about this!

  46. adelia brooks says:

    I paid for the premium ruzzle, and now it is asking for another payment after i bought a new phone,i have the same number and email address. I had 2 ruzzle accounts on my old phone my son had the free version,and I had the premium version, since getting a new phone ruzzle remembers the free account,but it does not remember me paying for the premium.

  47. Ruzzler says:

    How do you open settings in ruzzle on windows 8 laptop??

  48. Tammy says:

    When I pull up the stats on fuzzier they all say hidden how do I get to see the stats.

  49. Lynnt9 says:

    I bought Ruzzle Premium on my iPhone. Do I have to buy it also on my iPad?

  50. DDChamps says:

    Just wanting to know how to add a friend to my Nokia Ruzzle game. I see a similar question, but no response. Thanks

  51. DDChamps says:

    How do I “add a friend” on my Nokia phone when playing Ruzzle?

  52. Giuli says:

    Hi, you can go back to the name, email or phone a ruzzle nick?
    Please do not delete without answering!!!! is the third time I asked the question …. thanks!!!!!

  53. Giuli says:

    Hi, I need to know if you can understand the name, mail or nr. mobile phones of a nick on ruzzle. Thank you

  54. giuliana says:

    Hi, I would like to know if there is no way of knowing the real name or email address or phone nr. of a nick ruzzle. Thank you

  55. HelenB says:

    I am playing on iOS (iPad) on the latest version of Ruzzle in the App Store.

    I love Ruzzle and play it a lot. But sometimes, without warning, at the very end of a game the menu shows up on the left side of the screen. I can finish the game, and it will show me the words I found, but when I click ‘done’ it gives me a zero score. I don’t know why this happens, but it is very frustrating! It seems random. Can you explain why this is happening so I can avoid it?

    Thank you!

  56. Holli says:

    How can I cancel the Ruzzle premium version without losing my account?

  57. jay says:

    can I retrieve my chat conversations? if so how do I do it?

  58. Leslie says:

    I have recently got a new phone and did not log off of ruzzle before I returned my phone. I can’t log in on my new phone. What can I do?


  59. Joyce says:

    sometimes, score doesnt work and will not give credit for words

  60. Even says:

    Hi Even here.

    I have Ruzzle installed on my Nokia Lumia 920 and Iam very pleased with the game. So I also installed it on my laptop.
    But there is a problem, there is no option where I can log out of the account Im logged into.

    The reason why I ask is because somebody else somehow are connected to my email-address and I cant figure out how to log out and get into my own account that is linked with my facebook with the same email-address..

    When I first installed the game on the computer I remember I was asked if I wanted to use the account that was connected to the email-adress I typed in, and without thinking I clicked “Ok” and there it was, someone else’s account but on my email-address?!

    I tried to uninstall the game and then rebuy it before re-installing it but Im still automatically logged in on the wrong account

    What can I do?

  61. Fafa4469 says:

    Hi, I’ve Ruzzle premium.. In the Game Statstics, it holds the first 25 people I’ve played.
    Is it possible to clear some statistics to add newer people? Thanks

  62. Candy says:

    I purchased a new iPhone and I am unable to get Ruzzle Premium to update on my phone. What is the problem??

  63. Chris says:

    At the top of the statistics screen, what is the number with the star next to it to the right of your current skill level? iPhone in case that matters.

  64. CJosey says:

    Some of my words are not being calculated. What could be wrong? I didn’t get the word free and some others.

  65. Sharon says:

    All of sudden my Ruzzle game has half the number of letters

  66. Beena says:

    My game is hung up…. I have an upgraded version on my iPhone…. I cannot play it… It only shows list of games that can be played but when opened the PLAY option does not come! Help

  67. Shannon says:

    I updated Ruzzle last night – and today, it got stuck in “find random opponnet” – now that it will find one – when i go to play – or even look at previous games – all that shows up on the screen are the players and usernames. Practice mode works fine.

  68. HINESTL157 says:

    Loving the game so I purchased premium. The 1st game after purchase, there was. Picture of like a little dictionary on the oppnts pic and I could see the words the pop was entering. It was much more fun because then for one thing, I knew someone was actually playing plus see what I was up against. Now, it says”hidden” like it did b4 upgrade. I am able to see statistics of oppnt. Tried reloading and went to purchases to redo update. It tells me to hit activated there is no activate, only the restore, which just has me renter my pswd. Any suggestions to get back seeing oppnts words?

  69. Elsie El Khoury says:

    Paid for premium but changed android. Now being asked again to upgrade.

    • says:

      Hi, you changed from iPhone to Android? Then you have to pay again. Else, if you login with same Google account, you don’t have to pay again.

  70. Parant says:

    I tried to connect on me account, but I have an error message saying: “Connection error: the operation could not be completed (battleword error 5).” I tried to reinstall Ruzzle application 5 Times and to Turn off my iPhone 4S several Times, but it did not work. CAN you help me ? Thanks…

    • says:

      Since you already tried to get it working again, I would advice you to contact official Ruzzle support at support[at]

  71. #Michael# says:

    Is there any way to save a chat history ?

  72. Brenda says:

    How do I delete all of my previous opponents (NOT friends)?!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Brenda, not possible as far as we can see, we will ask the developers about it and let you know.

  73. Bb says:

    I play random opponents frequently, and the list has really grown. I do NOT wish to save them. Please tell me! How do I delete my list of random opponents?!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      See the other reply: Hi Brenda, not possible as far as we can see, we will ask the developers about it and let you know.

  74. Rampaigeous says:

    QUESTION: where can I find official Ruzzle support? Not FAQ, not posted comments, but real support for questions & issues not covered in FAQ.
    PROBLEM: 3 times in a few days the game has crashed, locked up, when prompted to start rematch buttons come up. Once it reloaded when I returned to the game after a little while, but twice i’ve had to restart my device just to unlock it. Once the game was actually loading behind the locked up rematch prompt screen! Thought this would be fixed w/ update, but 2 of these crashes were after update.
    PLEASE forward to support. Thank u

    • Rampaigeous says:

      Oops! I am playing on iPad. Could it be my device?

      • ruzzleonline says:

        Hi, iPad, iOS 5 should be no problem!

      • Rampaigeous says:

        It reset itself after about 8 hours (i refused to reboot my system solely for this crash) but not before the home screen behind the locked up rematch prompt screen reloaded twice…grrr. If/when it happens again I will try uninstall/reinstall…perhaps that’s what it needed after the update (netflix always acts up after update until I reboot, so…who knows!)

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, official support: info[at], or the same, support[at] Good luck!

      • Rampaigeous says:

        Wow! Thank u so much! I was unable to find this information on google search (maybe just overlooked) so I very much appreciate! I have seen other posts of ppl experiencing same or similar issue, so this was helpful to assure I am not alone! Have a great day!

      • Rampaigeous says:

        It did happen again, but i went ahead & deleted & reinstalled AND purchased premium (once i realized it was only $2.99– what a great deal!!). So far, so good (knock on wood)!

  75. wendy says:

    Unable to read chat on HP slate as print is too dark on background can I change color of print or background?

    • says:

      Hi Wendy, I’m afraid you can’t. But you can send your problem to the offical Ruzzle developers on info[at]

  76. amh678 says:

    Ruzzle is stuck on “Challenge new opponent” (random opponent).

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, do you still have this problem? Did you try to reinstall Ruzzle?

      • LTK17 says:

        I am also having the “Waiting for random opponent” problem. Been stuck for about an hour. I’ve restarted my phone and uninstalled/reinstalled Ruzzle. Still nothing.

        • says:

          Hi, then you did a good job trying to get it work again, maybe it’s a server issue at Ruzzle, we don’t know. If it continues to be a problem consider an e-mail to official Ruzzle support, support[at]! Good luck.

  77. Nora Barnacle says:

    To users having a hard time with sound going off: This often happens to me after a phone call interrupts a game or when I’ve turned my iPhone’s sound off using the physical toggle on the body of the phone. I find that when this happens, there’s an easy fix. Shut down Ruzzle, go into your phone’s setting, settings, go to sounds, and digitally turn the phone’s sound off then back on again. Then reopen Ruzzle. For me, this fixes the problem every time. Hope that helps!

    I’d also like to second all the observations that the game is running *very* slowly, as in sometimes I wait ten minutes for the home screen to unfreeze or for a game to load. Hope there’s a fix coming that works for both iPhone 5 AND iPhone 4 with OS7! All my best in your efforts!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Nora, thanks for helping other users out with your advice. We are going to link to your comment in our Ruzzle FAQ, so people can easily try your advice. There is a new update available as you maybe know, hope that solves the problems!

  78. Anna says:

    Getting so frustrated with Ruzzle constantly freezing on me! Grrrrr!

    • Toni Nichole's says:

      I am having so
      Much trouble with it taking so Long for the games to appear and then in a game it often freezes. This is taking much of the fun away. What can be done about it

  79. Anna says:

    Getting so frustrated with Ruzzle constantly freezing on me!! Grrrrrr!

  80. Aileen says:

    I wanted to know if you changed the game with an update mid December or so. My games used to run pretty fast. I play a lot of people and have lots of open games at any given time. Now invites, comments, updating after each round take forever to load. I am running on a new iPhone 5 so I know its not the phone. I played Ruzzle a lot but my patience with all the waiting is killing the fun. Please advise what you would do. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled because some reviews I read said that made things worse. I doubt it matters but I am running the paid version.

    • Kim says:

      I’m having the same problem. Takes forever to refresh the screen. And sometimes in the middle of a round, the whole thing freezes.

    • Aileen says:

      Whatever you did in your most recent update over the weekend FINALLY fixed the issue!! Its running great now!!

      PS. It was not the OS because I was up to date on everything while the problem persisted. Its fix now so I am happy !!

  81. Karen schmidt says:

    Help…..cannot request a “friend” to play a game…I type in their user name and anything I enter to request them delets it…how do I request friends?

    • Rachell says:

      i have been having this problem for two month and its upsetting to me because the Ruzzle people say that the friends blocked me from playing accidentally or intentionally and I can’t do thing about it. i wish there was a way Ruzzle could make a comment to them and say please check if you blocked any friends esp. if those friends maybe not knowing they blocked by accident. I ve two friends as a result and it’s very upsetting

  82. Paul Conroy says:

    I have Ruzzle Premium installed on my iPad (ios 7.0.4).
    In recent days Ruzzle has been reacting continuously slower. Now it hangs
    So that it is not possible to play anymore.
    I tried to ‘restore’ the app using the apple id with which I made the purchase.
    This has not helped.
    What else can I try?

    • Gougea says:

      Had the same problem..

    • KelliPearl says:

      Mine too! It’s REALLY slow…it takes like 3+ minutes to load a game and even when it loads, I have to wait another minute or so before it will unfreeze and let me play. :( I hope someone has an answer!
      (iPhone 4s)

    • Cindy says:

      My premium ruzzle has been freezing and hanging up for the last. I th. Ever since the new page format was introduced. Such a pain

  83. JulesD66 says:

    None of the list (friends, previous opponents…) displays properly. Each entry, i.e person, takes about 2 screens on my Nexus 7: first the Icon, then almost at the bottom, the name and mid next screen the end line. Is there any way to fix that bug ? It seems I am not the only one.

  84. Jill says:

    Great game, I play nearly everyday. Recently I purchased a new phone and upon trying to log in with my username it doesn’t recognize any password I try. I tried having the reset link sent to my email but the game doesn’t recognize any email address that I own. There has to be a better solution than creating a new account, right? Please help! Username is jaguar34.

  85. Kaygee says:

    Hi, every Time when i try to play, a White screen appears. I tried to uninstall 3 Times, and stop my phone too, but nothing changes… Do you have any idea? (Please excuse my language, i’m french). Thanks

  86. Anna says:

    For the past few days the letters that come up in different rounds in a match are often exactly the same. I’ve just had to give up on matches and stop playing, which means a lot of losings! It’s pointless to keep playing with the same letters over and over again! Has this been happening to other folks, and can you help?
    Many thanks.

  87. Joaquin says:

    I click on Upgrade and I get a message:
    “Transaction failed”

    What can I do?

  88. daxx22 says:

    I recently used your free gift of getting the upgrade premium for free until December 31st. I still have it. Could you please remove it, it’s now January 3rd. I don’t want to be charged for it since i didn’t have it in the first place. Please remove it, I enjoyed it, but don’t need I tg anymore, thank you.

  89. Don sirianni says:

    I downloaded the new app for ruzzle and am I sorry. I hate it and want my old version back. Help please

    • says:

      Hi Don, we understand your feeling, you are not the only one as you can read on this website. However, I don’t know about a possibility to revert to an older version of the game. However, we do tell the developers that people would like to see the old game again instead of this not so populair update.

  90. 2RETRO4U says:

    Is it possible to retrieve chat conversations?

  91. Nayla Rathle says:

    The recent update is not good at all. The left side column is too small to read, the background screen too dark everywhere. The right side takes a bit of getting used to but may work eventually. Get rid of this black background!

  92. anon says:

    I found 83 words, but when I look under achievements, it says I have only completed finding over 60 words! Even tried restarting my phone.

    • says:

      Hi Anon, so the achievement still ask you to make more then 80 words? If it’s not solved yet, please let us know your username so we can ask the Ruzzle developers about your issue.

      • Sue says:

        What can be done about achievements it you don’t belong to Facebook or twitter you can not view achievements I do not have Facebook friends and do not want to share anything with them. Now you don’t know how many ties how many continous games total wins. This is messed up

        • ruzzleonline says:

          You can view achievements without Facebook or Twitter. But there are a few achievement, like \’Friendly\’ where you need Facebook to achieve it. But the thing you mention you can do without social accounts.

  93. Betty says:

    I bought the premium version on my iphone and now I have downloaded Ruzzle on my new ipad but it says to play the premium version I have to pay for it again. Is that correct? If not, how do I get my account on both devices?

      • Rebecca says:

        I have the asme problem. I see your multiple replies here advising us to Restore, and one time you said “act like you’re going to purchase but hit restore instead”.

        Where exactly do we see the Restore option? When I hit purchase, it just asked me to confirm. I mustered enough balls to hit confirm but then it took me to AppStore to confirm my credit card security code. At this point I wasn’t confident that I’d ever see the Restore button so I gave up. This is the latest version on iPad. I originally bought the premium from my iPhone and installed it on my old iPad without this problem. On my old iPad I had to use the old version though.

        At any rate. If you can tell us or show screenshots of the latest version, where we see the Restore burton that’d be great. I have a bad feeling something messed it up in the latest update.

        • says:

          Hi Rebecca,

          First of all, make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID, with that you can download all your existing app from your other devices to your iPad. It’s even possible to do that automatically. This is how Apple works and you manage this with your phone/iPad setting.

          Because you downloaded Ruzzle before on the same Apple ID, you can download it also to your iPad. But it’s the free version….

          With ‘act like you’re going to purchase’ I mean: go to the settings page, use the gear icon top left on iPad.

          Then you click on Purchase (upgrade to premium) and there you see the upgrade button (for € 2,69 in my case) or the restore button (because you already paid before). Just hit the restore button and you are good to go.

          Kind regards,

          PS This is not messed up by the latest update, I just tested it myself.

          • Ed says:

            This doesn’t work. I paid for ruzzle premium on my phone and when I try to use premium features on my ipad, it prompts me to upgrade. If I click upgrade and go thru the process, I get all the way into the apple store to the point of clicking “okay” to approve another 2.99 purchase. The account should recognize it’s been upgraded and unlock the features.

            • says:

              The advice should work, try using the gear icon I talk about and not the upgrade button when it prompts you to upgrade.

          • Rebecca says:

            Nice, that worked! I didn’t know it’s under the settings page. I only clicked on the lock thingie on the “see all words” or “stats” and proceeded that way. That’s why I couldn’t find the restore button.

            Thanks for your help!

  94. Kathy says:

    How do I erase previous opponents from my I phone?

    • says:

      Hi Kathy, where exactly do you want to erase them? Completed games can be deleted by pressing on the ‘x’ on the top right of the completed games section.

      • Ang says:

        Since the new update at the top of the screen appears a list of previous opponents. Some of these were random players which I would like to delete. How do I delete them ? (iPad)

  95. Eley says:

    I achieved a ranking high enough to place me in the high scores of another language. However, I’m not in the top scores. It hasn’t updated and I’d like to see my name up there before I end up losing the spot as if it never happened. Am I only allowed a top spot in my main language or what? Why doesn’t it show me ?

    • says:

      Hi Eley, the ranking is not based on single games, but on your skill level, so indeed you will only have a change to rank for your main language.

  96. Paul says:

    I upgraded my phone from an Android device to an IPhone. I paid for the full version on my android. I downloaded the free version of Ruzzle from the ITunes store. I am trying to activate it in game, I enter my name and password and it asks me to login to ITunes. I log in and the game sits there and never activates. I do not want to have to pay again to download the full version from ITunes. Am I missing something here?

    • says:

      Hi Paul, yes you are. This has nothing to do with Ruzzle, but with the stores you buy the plugin in. When you buy something in the Android store, you can not use the same premium app on your iPhone. They have there own store with apps where you must buy it again.

  97. Melissa Chatman says:

    I have purchase this game twice. How I can get the game I already purchase instead of keep buying it over n over again? Is there away I can continue playing the game I already purchase?

    • says:

      Hi Melissa, you don’t have to buy it twice, unless you switch from iPhone to Samsung for example, because these are different ‘stores’. Else you can just restore your premium version (iOS) or just download Ruzzle (not Ruzzle Free) in Samsung store.

  98. Bunny says:

    I cannot get the game to upload on my iPad mini and now it’s completely gone from my iPhone 5c. I was playing a game and then it fades to a white screen and never comes back.

    • says:

      Hi Bunny, there are still performance issues. The Ruzzle developers are working really hard to bring out a new version which improves stability. However, you should be able to have the game installed on you Apple devices.

  99. uport2013 says:

    I played and got over 2000points in one game but no price, why?

  100. Debb says:

    All of a sudden whenever I click to open ruzzle it opens for a second then closes. I have tried deleting the app and re installing and it still does it. I have the 6.1.3 version software on iPhone 4S. Has anyone ever experienced this?

    • says:

      Yup, this is what the Ruzzle developers already said about it (15 houres ago):

      We’re currently looking into the performance of Ruzzle on iPhone 4 and 4S devices as we’ve had a number of reports of the app running slowly and freezing. We are working on getting a solution in place

      Since your problem sounds slightly different we can tell them about it, but please let us know your Ruzzle version first.

  101. Linda says:

    My app is freezing. The round starts, the clock ticks but nothing registers and I get zero points. Tried closing out and turning my phone off and back on but nothing. Please advise.

  102. Veronica says:

    I downloaded an update today, and now the game seem unstabile. It react a bit slowly and I have had problems with several rounds. The sound isn’t working until the clock starts ticking. The screen react when pressing by highlighting the letters, but no scores appears. After the round is ended with zero points the screen goes black and the Ruzzle clock is starting all over. I have Ruzzle premium and I’m playing in swedish.

  103. Bernadine says:

    My mom really loves this game and she is a bit slow but it is tons of fun for her! She has a small issue. She is ranked about 1600 but she allowed her grands to play now every time she tries to get a random opponent (and she does so VERY OFTEN) they are ranked at 2500 plus. Is there a way to reset this. I wasn’t sure if we needed to reset the game center or ruzzke or bothbut I can’t seem to figure it out.
    Thanks in advance for your help. The grands have found other things to do on the iPad now.

    • says:

      Hi Bernadine, it’s a matter of time, because Ruzzle will try to match equally good players. See below where the Ruzzle developers answered a question on our Dutch fansite.

      It looks at ranking and tries to match equally good players.

  104. Bonnie says:

    I had to get a new phone and never logged out of the game. Once I received my new phone I downloaded the game from The Play Store. I forgot my password and when I click on Password Reset I get a set of letters and number but when I put those in to log in my e-mail address goes away and never goes into the game. also when I try to set up a new game it says I already have an account with that e-mail address. Can you help me?

  105. Nikos says:

    Hi i already paid for premium
    But i have not played för à while not when i logged in
    My premium is gone! Like To Know Why that is
    IF possible

    • says:

      Hi Nikos, do you play on an iPhone? Act like you want to buy the upgrade to premium again, then click on ‘restore’. Your Ruzzle Premium account has been restored :-). If this is not working for you please let me know your username and I will ask the developers what happened with your account.

  106. carre says:

    i love ruzzle and am totally addicted…i want to be able to play other players for money. like it would add a whole new dimension to the experience to put up a small fee like $.50 per game and win $1.00 back for each win or lose the fee if you lose the that a running account would show how your initial fee of say $10.00 would grow or dwindle over a period of time. that would be awesome..hope they consider this addition to the game. thanx

    • says:

      Hi Carre, I don’t think something like this will be implemented in the game. But please be free to share your idea with official Ruzzle support on info[at]

  107. Stina says:

    Hi, I play Ruzzle on my ipad and since the upgrade, it always launches as full screen. This makes the playing board very large and I can’t swipe as fast as I have to swipe a longer distance to get full words. Is there any way to decrease the playing area or not have the app launch full screen? Thanks.

  108. Mr heynow says:

    My wife is able to get rankings smong her ruzzle I on the other hand am only able to get only internationally, and I dont recognize any of thre players, iwould like to see my ranking among friends please help this is very frustrating. Mrheynow

    • terry says:

      My wife is able to get the ranking among her ruzzle friends, on the other hand I play ruzzle on my galaxy note 3 and am only able to see the international ranking, I would like to be able to get ranking among friends, is this possible? Please respond ASAP

  109. lilithepink says:

    I have just posted to you but can’t see it. In case you didn’t receive it. My premium App won’t work at all it won’t accept the simplistic of words. Help please

  110. lilithepink says:

    I have the premium app. It worked fine for a couple of days. Then it stopped recognising even the simplest of words. I reinstalled it but I still can’t use the app at all. It’s driving me mad! Can you help please?

  111. Pete says:

    hello ruzzle, I have a little problem, so i hope you can help me.
    I had to reset my iPhone today. So my ruzzle got logged out, I haven’t logged out of ruzzle in months. My Username in ruzzle is GreekPete but i forgot my password. And when I type send to email. Is doesn’t go through. I think I may have used an old email. And forgot it now.

    my email adress is GreekPano1980[at]

  112. Aundrea says:

    The app shuts down each time I try to play. Have deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work.

  113. Calou-Calou says:

    Bonjour depuis la mise à jour iPhone IOS 7.0.2. beaucoup de bugs. Jeu lent- ouverture lente – temps de réaction de l’application lente. Sinon sympa

  114. B says:

    Tried doing what says to do & can’t get password to work. Tried to email ruzzle? & incorrect email?? Here’s the msg I was trying to send & need to know what I should do seeing that the email y’all have given does not work? Thank you for your help… In addition it seems to freeze up & takes me out of ruzzle quite often after playing some rounds where I have to go back in. I have taken ruzzle off phone & redownloaded to see if that would help either situation which it has not. Any help @ this point would be appreciated.
    I have yet to be able to get into my account. (As I’m a true ruzzling fan ) :) I had 2 accounts one I had sent to some if my friends while playing & the other I decided not to give them so I could play without their knowledge. I’d like to ensure my new account had not been compromised In that someone got my password & got in to use it. I’d really like to be able to keep the account I’m having trouble getting into if at all possible, can a temporary password be sent to my email act. ( this one as I’d thought I’d listed it on the other act as well? )
    Like I said any help would great!

  115. Raj says:

    your server has been hacked. Some type of messages are randomly coming on my device . like:-
    Hey raj.,accept my challenge this time
    We r Al bots.,ready to play now??
    Now we get into ur pc’s hack all ur data..Be aware…

    please let me know, is there any big issue on client side. or your server hacked.

  116. Z-eye says:

    I updated but now after many many games I get invites in but no rounds are imported to play. Others seem to have this problem as well. What is the answer. I have premium version. Do I have to uninstall and lose all current games going on?

  117. Judith Romanisko says:

    Why are there different point values for the same word? I submitted a word and scored 10 but my opponent got 20.

  118. leighann says:

    I get invites from people (i get a popup and everything) but when I click okay nothing happens except the box going away….?

  119. Judith Romanisko says:

    Why don’t I get the same amount of points for a word that my opponent gets? Also, sometimes I don’t get the full number of points that it shows.

  120. Rita says:

    Been playing Ruzzle for about 4 weeks and love it…..maybe addicted to it. Exciting compared to Whirly Word which I also liked and played for a few years. My issue is that my high round is 3500 pts and my highest game over 4200 pts and I’m still not listed on the global high scores. How does one achieve a global ranking. I may never see that score again but would certainly appreciate being acknowledged for having a great round and game score.

  121. Lee says:

    I had to uninstall and reinstall Ruzzle on my iPhone. When I reinstalled it I reactivated the premuim version and I am still seeing ads at the bottom of the screen. How can I stop them from displaying?

  122. BobBest says:

    I’m a Ruzzle “addict” — playing it every day both on my iPad at home and on my Samsung Galaxy on the way to/from work. I’ve unfortunately experienced problems in the past few days when trying to play it on my Galaxy. The game opens but then (after trying to update the game status?) an error message “Sorry! The application Ruzzle (process se.maginteractive.rumble) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” appears. I choose “Force close” but then the message just keeps reappearing. The game continues to work fine on my iPad. Has anyone else experienced this problem (and, better yet, have a solution)?

  123. Cindy says:

    I installed ruzzle on my Mothers Kindle fire. We installed the premium version. But she cannot see the total words on each puzzle. Is that not available on the kindle Fire app???

  124. Cindy says:

    My mother has a kindlemfire. I installed premium ruzzle on it for her. She cannot see the total amount of words on each puzzle. Where ismthatmon common her app

  125. chris says:

    When I am playing Ruzzle and drag my finger across the screen, the application is erasing my drag line and not registering the word as a result. I never had this problem with my last phone, but it happens repeatedly now. My internet connection is strong, I have reinstalled the application several times, and I have done nothing different. Any ideas?

  126. cat says:

    I am using the premium ruzzle on my KINDLE, but I cannot find my statistics.
    Some one said under achievements, I should see it, but I donit!!!!!
    help me,

  127. Stephanie says:

    Is there away you can tell if someone has blocked you?

  128. Socalwendy says:

    I have been playing Ruzzle premium on my iPhone for a long time and recently got an iPad. I’ve downloaded ruzzle to my iPad but it doesn’t register as premium and wants me to pay again even though I have logged in under the same account.

    How do I fix this

  129. chrsi says:


    I bought ruzzle premium expecting playing with training mode offline but when starting application i have network error. it works offline only if i start the game first online and restart it offline.

    is it really possible to play training mode offline ?

  130. Belinda says:

    If I add someone as a friend does it add them to my fb

  131. Pretty Rai says:

    I purchased ruzzle and have it on my iPhone but I bought a Samsung tablet and what it there too. Do I have to purchase it again for the tablet?

  132. susan says:

    Hi there, I was playing on ruzzle for months on my iPhone 5, I never experienced any problems. I have since started using my new phone which is a blackberry z10- I was very pleased to see ruzzle available in blackberry world! However, every game I have played and won has gone on to my ‘loses’ score and my overall player score is getting lower and lower, meaning all my previous wins and hard work is slowly dwindling away! Please help!

  133. Jglavin says:

    I bought the full version of ruzzle for 2.99, but the app crashed and I re-downloaded it. I logged in with the same username and now I don’t have access to the premium features, and there are ads everywhere!

    • says:

      Hi, do like you want to buy the upgrade to premium again, then click on ‘restore’. Your Ruzzle Premium account has been restored :-).

      • Nitadee says:

        I’ve tried this several times. It keeps asking to login with the user that purchased premium. Which I am, and it still isn’t helping. I had to re-download the app a few weeks ago. What do I do?

  134. B says:

    How can I download Quizcross on my Kindle Fire? I do have Ruzzle on my Kindle, but would like to have Quizcross. Thanks.

  135. Dawn says:

    How can you tell if someone has resigned from a current game of ruzzle you were playing with them. We had scores and then suddenly I was notified that I won 300-0 all 3 rounds yet we played 2 rounds, this all happened within 24 hours. I was notified that a game with my opponent just finished & we were only in the 2nd round.

  136. Kim says:

    After I played a game with an opponent and then I go back into the game and write them something in the chat part will they see it if they’ve already deleted the game we played? Or do I need to start a new game with them first?

  137. Monica says:

    I enjoy Ruzzle alot its a very fun and cool game! But i do have a question how can you send someone a message without playing a game with them? And is their a way to get back your completed games if you accenditly deleted them??

  138. Sp1002 says:

    Hi ! I would like to know how you can see if your opponents play in orher languages ? I mean I play in french and I would like to see if my friends play in englush for example and see how many games they have played in englush. Because it seems that there are different statistics depending on your language. My friend’ s statistics say that she has played 500 games for example but this is only for french, she may have olayed 200 orher parties in english but i can’t know.

    Thanks for the tip!

  139. Ysa says:

    I logged my mom out of her account on her phone so I could play, but when I logged out she didn’t know her password. I’ve tried all the pass combos I could think of, but she never entered her email when she joined. Is there any way I can retrieve it?

  140. Katelyn wuffs yew says:

    I’m Uhm kinda new to this whole app thing so I’m wondering how to delete the app Ruzzle.I have no idea how to delete any app really but Ruzzle is all I need.So please answer this simple question and explain it well cause I’m a blonde! :P Stay gorgeous and keep it real Ruzzle bros! xoxo -Katelyn :’)

  141. Linda says:

    App says I have to update to play. Can’t update bc it says I need iOS 5. I paid for this app. Can I still play with old version or what should I do?

  142. Lois says:

    I love Ruzzle, but get so frustrated when my app crashes every few rounds. Sometimes I will only swipe one word before the app crashes…. I have the premium Ruzzle and it is updated.

    • Lois says:

      Note** I have it installed on an iphone 4s and ipod …..both of them crash. I have uninstalled and reinstalled… help.


  143. Daphne says:

    This is not a response to the FAQ, but a concern/question. For the last few days I have been hearing an ad for Ball Park Franks when I exit the app. There is no picture and I am not opening any links. Is anyone else having this issue? It is only with Ruzzle.

  144. ivan says:

    I use ruzzle app on iphone. My wife have login in my facebook app with your profile and the picture on my ruzzle profile has changed to my wife’s facebook profile photo. Why? It,s possibile correct the problem? Thanks regards

  145. Katherine says:

    I cannot find a way to learn about the Ruzzle game or to add friends if I know their phone number to Ruzzle game on my Android, Samsung Fascinate through Verizon. My Ruzzle game seems very limited. Where can I find information about the game for my android?

  146. Rita says:

    I can not get fizzle on my iPhone since this morning. When I hit the R the screen goes black. Same thing happens when I tried yo download it again. Helpm

  147. Lolita millner says:

    Please tell me how to retrieve the chat messages. My iPhone alerts me of a message but once I login I don’t see the message on ruzzle’s chat

  148. cincynative says:

    I’m getting the problem with the random opponent, too. It’s been going for an hour or more–not days yet, but I see there has been a problem with this. Is there a solution? Didn’t see one posted.

    • says:

      Hi, this should be solved by now. Are you still having problems? Try to re-install the app and see if that solved the problem. The Ruzzle developers told us that they had solved it already, so actually it should not be a problem anymore. Check this comment about the problem with Ruzzle opponents.

      • Lomill says:

        I received notification on my iPhone that someone has chatted with me through Ruzzle. But when I open the game, the message isn’t there. How do I retrieve the message

  149. FXOM78 says:

    First of all sorry for my poor english but I am a french player.
    I recently encounter an annoying problem on my Iphone 4S (iOS 6.1.3) and the latest version available of RUZZLE (premium version)
    I am not able anymore to get new random opponents. Ruzzle seems search desesperately for new opponent since the last 24 hrs.
    I have rebooted my phone, cleared cache re-installed the application => No clue of what is the wrong and the problem is still there.
    I would be very happy if someone can help me …

  150. itinerairbis says:

    The option random opponent is not anymore working : it is still searching for many days, even after I re-install the app.
    How can I make it working again please?

  151. Dolyy says:

    I normally don’t ever have problems with ruzzle but today when I tried searching for a random opponent it never gave me one. Its still stuck on ‘searching for random opponent’. I even updated ruzzle and its still not giving me an opponent. Anything that can be done??

  152. Lynz says:

    Hi, suddenly other players aren’t getting the red notification when I message them. Any idea why?

    • says:

      We have to ask the developers about it, we will keep you updated.

    • says:

      From the Ruzzle developers:

      This could depend on a couple of reasons… There could be an connection error on one end, or sometimes it does not show because it can take sometime fore the application to update these kinds of actions.
      Please try to restart Ruzzle to speed up the update process.

  153. Eka says:

    I logged out of my account and forgot password. Tried to reset it but it says there is no user found with my e-mail. :( what to doooo?

    • says:

      Hi Eka, please read the question ‘I forgot my password. What should I do?’ in the FAQ.

  154. jgordon#24 says:

    I posted earlier, came back looking for an answer and now the post is gone so am trying this AGAIN.
    Purchased and installed the game on my phone about 2 weeks ago. Liked the game and played. My stats rose to 1500. Suddenly, the board would not accept words. Simple words like BAKE or RAKE or TIRE. And when it DID Accept the words it would not allow the plurals…such as BAKES or RAKES, etc…you get the idea.

    This usually happened on the first and second rounds, but not as much on the third rounds. Can someone please explain what’s going on because I am starting to get annoyed to the point of asking for a refund and deleting this thing because it is not a fun game when you find words and your time is destroyed by a board that will not accept them…and I KNOW I am swiping them correctly because the full word is visible on the top of the screen.

    ALSO..can someone PLEASE tell me what the deal is with the weird vowels….like the O with the line through it or the A with the dots atop it?

    • Bodil says:

      Just want to say that i have the same problem, i have been playing for many months, and suddenly this issus come. Please anyone know what to dó.

      • says:

        Please read this question and answer from the Ruzzle developers about not recognizing Ruzzle words.

        • Bodil Skodborggaard says:

          Just want to let you know. This problems only hit one of the players I play with, none of the others have I had problems with. It started for a week ago, the problem stayed for 8-10 full games. Then it was over for the next 4-5 games. And now it is there again. Hope you will solve the serve issues or what ever it is soon. Br Bodil bodilskod

          • ruzzlebuzzle says:

            Mine is doing the same thing. I am thinking of cancelling my account.what’s the point? Its no fun when your words don’t count.

    • rogue says:

      perhaps you’ve set the language to something other than English? I mean, an o with a line through it sounds pretty Norwegian or Danish to me :)

  155. jeffgordon#24 says:

    HOW TO SPOT A RUZZE CHEAT….lesson one…if your playing an opponent who’s playing 30 words a round, usually 2 to 5 letters and a few longer ones, and suddenly they are playing about a dozen to 20 words ALL of which are the longest and highest scoring words on the board, and which are NOT standard English words or even words you have EVER heard of (and you look them up and find out they are VERY esoteric words from diverse fields like Botany and Chemistry and Provincial French Cuisine usually associated with the Burgandy region)…guess what, you got a ruzzle cheater.

    • says:

      And if you spot one, we are happy to remove them out of the system. Please send a screenshot to info[at]

      • Rampaigeous says:

        I love that u r willing to remove cheaters from the game! I HATE cheaters, and have only recently started enjoying Ruzzle and so have not yet experienced w this game. However, I play Letterpress & found a LOT for the first few months while I sifted thru for regular opponents. No such courtesy exists to remove the cheaters from Letterpress. The description of how to spot a cheater was spot ON, btw. Thank u!

  156. jeffgordon#24 says:

    This is starting to get me frustrated!!!! Recently my skill level went up to about 1500…so ok, not impressive but I was working on it.
    Then suddenly the dang board will NOT accept common words….especially in round 1 and 2 and sometimes in round 3. I first thought maybe it was a way to make better players have to work harder against lesser ones…but it KEEPS happening…words like KITE and and GINS and a MASS of other words I swipe, they are spelled right on the top of the screen, but the system makes that sound saying it is not a word, I loose time trying to redo it, and all for nothing…can someone PLEASE tell me why or how to fixr this because it is making the game VERY unfun.

  157. Laurence says:

    Tonight I began playing with laugoib and I cannot finish my party with her I got a message that the processus suddently stopped. Then I was forced to quit the app. My screen name is lauence68. I saw the suggestion that the game be uninstalled and installed again, but I did it several times and I got the same message. Nevertheless, it seems that my account is still working but I cannot play. I am a french player using an android version (downloaded on Google play). I used to play since now several months without any bug. This is my first bug with Ruzzle and I am very frustrated because my friends continue to send me invitation that I am not able to accept. Thanks for any help.

  158. Christine says:

    I just updated Ruzzle and it stops working. It opens until the list of pending and finished games then gives a black screen and hang totally; I have to reboot my tablet for this.

    I tried it 5 times but it is stii the same. I already uninstall and install but still the same. I have the paid version and Ruzzle is one of my fave.

    So please help. What should I do?Can I revert it to old version?

    Please! Please! Please! Help me.

    • rogue says:

      same thing happened to me. After an update it no longer works. I see a pending game, click on play and it goes back to the screen of pending games. When trying to play the practice mode, it completely crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it does not help. I too am curious to the solution to this.

  159. Acejvs says:

    I purchased ruzzle premium. In the Game Statstics, it holds the first 25 people I’ve played and no more. How do I clear the people who only played a few times so that newer people can be added? Not to my ruzzle friends, but to the game stats part.

    • says:

      Hi Acejvs, unfortunately nothing has changed since the last time we talked about this with Ruzzle. See below the message we received on november the 7th in 2012.

      Not sure. We will think about it.

  160. pgdb says:

    Hi, just changed my Iphone (4to5). Have got ruzzle premium on it. Now, I tried to restore but have no luck: the “loading” wheel always turns on and need to switch off my phone in order to access to ruzzle. A bug, What to do, thanks in advance. Nickname PGDB

    • says:

      Hi, we have asked the developers from Ruzzle to take a look at your problem. We will keep you informed.

    • says:

      Hi, this is the reply from the Ruzzle developers. If you have any further questions, just reply here.

      Im not sure if this person mean the “spinning wheel” that appears when he/she tries to activate his/hers premium account or if it is the one that appears when he/she tries to log in. However, It’s always smart to try to restart Ruzzle, if that doesn’t work it’s also good to try uninstalling and reinstalling Ruzzle :)

  161. CiCi says:

    It keeps telling me I have a pending game invitation with someone, but the person I sent it to didn’t get it, and now the game won’t let me send my friend anymore game invitations, so I can’t send a rematch or anything. Please help.

    • CiCi says:

      My username is CiCixP, if you can help me.

      • says:

        Hi CiCi, it took a while before we have responded to your message. In the meantime, the invitation probably expired because it remains active up to 10 days. Did you have the problem again after that?

  162. DEB says:

    What do the numbers at the bottom of the skill level chart mean?

    • says:

      HI Deb, you mean numbers other than the statistics themselves? We only see the statistics, no other numbers.

      • DEB says:

        I believe I do mean the statistics. For example 29/7 or 1/8. Does that mean I won 29 games and lost 7 or won 1 and lost 8? And over what period of time? I do not think that it is daily.


  163. Dan Burke says:

    I have ruzzle premium. I cant seem to view opponent statistics. I thought with premium you could. Is it because I have an android and not an iphone?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Dan, that’s correct. At first, this wasn’t an option at all, but recently we learned that it is possible with the iOS, probably Android will follow soon. We already asked the developers about it.

  164. Natalie Panfili says:

    Now when I press the Ruzzle icon on the iPad, I only get a completely black screen. What happened? Can you help, please?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Natalie, try to do a reinstall first. All you awards and statistics are safe on the computer from Ruzzle, so that will be back.

  165. Jennifer says:

    My swipe distance isn’t counting. I’ve been stuck at 88% for months. When I check my swiped distance after a match it hasn’t changed.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Jennifer, try a reinstall and if that doens’t work, let us know. Please let us know your username if it still doens’t work, so we can ask the Ruzzle developers about it.

  166. Tommy says:

    I keep getting “resigned” and I haven’t actually resigned my game and it’s hurting my score. WHAT DO I DO?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      We will ask the Ruzzle developers about your problem, maybe you can provide your username in the meanwhile?

    • says:

      Hi Tommy, please reply here to the questions being asked by the Ruzzle developers:

      Ask this person whether this game is played in Blitz mode (which we know that we have some troubles with) or Casual mode.

    • says:

      Hi Tommy, this is the reply from the developers. Please reply here and we will take care of it!

      Ask this person whether this game is played in Blitz mode (which we know that we have some troubles with) or Casual mode. (If you start a game with Blitz mode it will only be active in 30 minutes. That means that instead of 72 hours (which the limit is in Casual mode) both players only have 30 minutes to finish a game :) It’s a fun way for those who doesn’t want to wait 72 hours.)

  167. Laura Nardi-Ruzzlegoober says:

    I am not able to change the setting to stop those annoying notifications… whether on my iphone or ipad. Please change or I will need to delete the game.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Laura, please read the question ‘How can I enable and disable the Ruzzle notifications?’ in our Ruzzle FAQ.

  168. Natalie Panfili says:

    No elderly female facial profiles are available. Some of us with white, curly hair would like to use a realistic depiction, and we are so old we don’t have Facebook accounts from which to download our own photos. Any chance one can download a photo from one’s desktop or Ruzzle could add some senior facial profiles at settings? Think of Miss Marple or Betty White. Thanks.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Natalie, that’s a really good point you are making here. We will tell the developers about your request and keep you updated.

    • says:

      Hopefully your feedback is for good reason, this is what we got today from the Ruzzle developers:

      Thank her for her feedback and tell her that we will consider this. This matter has been discussed before and we have yet not decide whether it will be a feature or not.

  169. Vojtech says:


    My casual player option is kind of blocked; it shows waiting for casual player since 3 days, but it doesn’t shows me any and I’m unable to click on the option of casual player to find new one.. I tried to reinstall Ruzzle, but it is still the same. What can I do?

  170. gemma says:

    Can other players see how many games I’ve played? Even with premium?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      So far we know, that’s not possible. An other player is telling something different about the Ruzzle statistics, but we are not so sure about this. They can see the stats ofcourse how many games they play against you (won, tie or lost).

  171. Michael says:

    I am a paid user. For the past 48 hours I can’t start a new game with a random opponent. It is stuck on “Waiting for random opponent” and the wheel spins. I have deleted the app three time. Restarted and reinstalled and still spinning.

    username: yesmonkey

  172. Kellan says:

    Requested random player seems stuck in a loop. Has been searching for an opponent for days? I am able to invite ruzzle friends & rematches, but no one else. Please help. Thanks,
    Kellan (kcake91)

  173. Allender says:

    I have been trying to invite another player to play a game. He does not get the pop up invitation. I also do not get a pop up when he invites me. Any advice?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, please tell me the usernames and we will let the developers have a look into your accounts.

  174. Kurfluffel says:

    My ruzzle crashes. A lot, like every 8 or 9 rounds. Any idea why? I am fully updated on an original iPod. I make sure nothing else is running and I have reinstalled several times. What can I do?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Kurfluffel, we will ask the developers if they have any idea!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Kurfluffel, just reply here if you need more help. This is the answer from the Ruzzle developers:

      We would need to know what iOS version this persion has. And you can ask him if this problem still persist and make sure that he has the latest version installed.

  175. Jon says:

    Hi, just wondering, what happens if somebody chats me a message via an old game that has dropped off my list?

  176. Pegues says:

    I am being harrassed by another user over chat. Where do I send a screen shot?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Pegues, that doesn’t sound like fun. You can send a screenshot to info[at] and we will ask the developers to remove the account, and let you know when that was done ofcourse.

  177. mandy says:

    I connect to facebook for my profile pic on ruzzle, i changed the picture on facebook but it never changes on ruzzle, its still the old one. How do i change it?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Mandy, sometimes it takes some time before it changes. If it’s not solved yet, try this advice from the Ruzzle developers.

      I would recommend going to Facebook on the web, under privay settings remove Ruzzle as application. Re-install the app and connect to Facebook again.

  178. Sharen Baker says:

    Yesterday I began playing with kiveoni, and my words were not accepted. After this I could not even use the practice mode. Today I checked and all of my statistics have disappeared. My screen name is nanidearest. I saw the suggestion that the game be uninstalled and installed again, but I hesitate to do this.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Sharen, I will ask the developers to have a look at your account. However, I don’t know when I will receive a answer from them. I will keep you updated.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, here some advice from Ruzzle:

      Please tell this user to contact us at support[at], In the meantime he/she can try to uninstall ruzzle and reinstall it. That won’t erase anything since all the data is saved on our servers.

  179. Freddie says:

    If I send someone a game request does the pending game request disappears if the other person doesn’t want to play and cancels it

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Freddie, we are not sure about that. Good question. We will ask the developers and let you know.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Freddie, the answer from Ruzzle:

      Yes it should disappear, If not, it will disappear automatically after 10 days.

  180. mommy2310 says:

    What is going the distance? Plz i need an example tryin to get my swipe 100 meters but what does that mean

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi mommy2310, when you play the game and move your fingers across the screen, that’s a ‘swipe’. Finally, you will reach the 100 meters :-). Good luck.

  181. emilio says:

    bonjour j ai achete ruzzle premium via mon ipad mais sur iphone c est toujours avec les pubs ?? comment arranger cela? merci

  182. Stanley says:

    Can you delete anyone from your statistics?

  183. Jess says:

    Hi there! I play under the username jesssej, and I absolutely LOVE this game. I was wondering why, during playing, I got a message that said “anti cheat activated?” It hasn’t kept me from playing the game, I just don’t know why or how it popped up and what it means (since I myself didn’t activate anything). Thanks for the great game!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Jess, please check out this question about Ruzzle anti-cheat.

      • Dietrich Champagnie says:

        I have had “anti-cheat activated” come up twice. I received phone calls both times and when I was on the call, I could not see the Ruzzle screen. When the calls ended, the screen told me to “tap the screen,” and the game resumed. There was no time to study the screen to try to make better words (to cheat). Before I researched this, I thought “anti-cheat activated meant Ruzzle was preventing someone from cheating on me. This response posted here insinuates I was cheating, and I was not. Just want to let it be known that some of us get legitimate phone call that last a along time; resume playing; and are NOT cheating.

  184. Gloria Johnson says:

    My Ipad froze this afternoon and when I rebooted, Ruzzle won’t come up. I tap on the icon, the Ruzzle logo comes up but then goes to my ipad home screen. I just want to Ruzzle . . . .

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, you can reinstall Ruzzle and afterwards you can use the restore button to get your premium version back (in the case you play Ruzzle premium).

  185. mariolino says:

    I must say, 72 hours of inactivity is too much. I have, right now, a dozen loafers, some as stale as 50 hours! I think inactivity should be punished a wee bit more swiftly.

    Who’s with me? Show of hands, c’mon..

    Everybody? Thanks.

  186. Lucy says:

    I play Ruzzle on iphone 4s and I recently stopped getting my notifications for new games and messages. I did not change any settings. What do I do? I want my notifications back. Help!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, using the settings on your iPhone or iPad you can manage the notifications and indicate which type of notifications you would like to receive. As far as we know, notifications are silent on an iOS phone. If this is not working please reinstall Ruzzle. If you don’t manage to get it solved please let us know and we will send your question to the Ruzzle developers.

  187. Jack says:

    I have been trying to create an account for ruzzle for the past two days and it doesnt seem to work.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Jack, have you been succesfull in the meanwhile? What error are you getting? Are you trying to use your Facebook account?

  188. katcrizk says:

    How does one add his own picture on his profile…I have premium service

  189. Jen says:

    I can not seem to add a friend? I put in the email address under the add friend and click search and the email address goes blank. How do I add a friend, they have downloaded ruzzle and are ready to play!

  190. Tracey says:

    Hi I have premium and occasionally known words are not recognized. Secondly I sometimes see Anti cheat activated how do you do that?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Tracey, we are working on the problem that known words are not recognized. I don’t know what you mean with anti cheat, can you explain this to us?

      • Tracey says:

        I have been playing some opponents and at the beginning of the next round a message pops across the game tiles saying anti-cheat activated

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Hi Tracey, it seems that Ruzzle has included an anti-cheat system. This blocks many attempts to cheat.

          It is triggered e.g. if you leave the game during the 2 minute round (most common way of cheating). It is not a problem to make high scoring words.

          If a player is caught cheating while the anti-cheater is enabled he automatically loses the match.

  191. J. Kramer says:

    I have the premium version of Ruzzle on iPhone 4S and on iPad2 but suddenly ads are showing up on bottom of page. How can I stop them? I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, did you use the ´restore´ option to activate your previous premium account again?

      • J. Kramer says:

        I have done that. No longer get ads on iPad but still get them on iPhone.
        Another problem: When I finish a game with someone and hit rematch they are not getting the invite. Any suggestions?

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Still awaiting reply from the developers, I’m sorry for that. We also asked them about your other problem.

        • ruzzleonline says:

          From the developers (please reply to this comment if you have any further questions):

          Has the person tried to activate the premium version on the iPhone as well? If not, please do that.
          How can this person be sure that the opponent doesn’t receive an invite for rematch? The opponent can decline the invite.

  192. Caroline says:

    Hi. I have ruzzle premium and a little while ago it stopped counting words during games, even simple words such as “the.”I started using my account on my other iPod, which worked for a while, but now it’s happening on there as well. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game with no success. What can I do?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Caroline, just to be sure… did it stopped counting or recognize known words?

      • Madeline says:

        I’m not sure where to post, but I have the same issue – Ruzzle has stopped recognizing known words i.e. the, net, ten. I did reinstall and it worked fine for a few games; however, the same issue started again. My username is MaddyK5013. Can you help?

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Hi Madeline, thanks for your post. We send out an e-mail to the Ruzzle developers. We will keep you informed about the problem.

        • ruzzleonline says:

          From the developers:

          This question does occur a few times and yet there is no good explanation for why this is happening.. We believe that it can be related to a server problem at our end (because it doesn’t happen often and it get’s back to normal after one game or a few).

          • Betty says:

            I am having the same problem, ruzzle not recognizing common words, are, see, dear, it is very irritating. I love the game but may be forced to try something else. What can be done to solve this issue?

        • lilithepink says:

          I have the same problem. Did you resolve it?

          • says:

            The best thing to do is contact the Ruzzle developers your self to address the issue again, mail to info[at]

  193. Nathan says:

    I was wondering why I have Ruzzle Premium but can’t view the stats of others? What to do?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Nathan, you can only view your own stats with Premium. With Ruzzle Free that’s not the case.

      • ZiuPaddori says:


        i have the premium version too and can’t see my stats.
        But the premium version says that you are allowed to see also stats of others.
        In fact i have friends that have the premium version and they can see stats of others.
        How this is possible?

        Thank you.

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Hi, that should not be possible, when you have Ruzzle Premium you should see your stats. On which phone do you play Ruzzle? Can you please tell us where you found the information you are able to see the stats of other players?

          • audsor says:

            I just upgraded to Ruzzle premium. I can see my friends stats but not mine. How can I see mine?

          • audsor says:

            please disregard my previous message, I found them

          • Ruzzle player says:

            Why in the world don’t the people at Ruzzle know what appears on Premium?! OF COURSE Premium users can see everyone’s stats! I look at each person’s stats before I play them so I can see what to expect. i.e. Has a high game of 5000+ yet only has 75 as highest number of words and 10-letter word has been found? Probably a cheater. Has played more games than me? Probably addicted (I can relate). Has a won to played game ratio greater than 1 to 2? Going to be tough. Really high ratio? Cheater. Their rating is over 2200? MUCH more likely (but not always) to be a cheater.

            • says:

              Hi Ruzzle player, we don’t know everything because we are ‘just’ a Ruzzle fansite… And it’s for sure not ‘of course’, it’s a feature for iOS players, Android will follow soon.

  194. Debbie says:

    Oops…. my prior screen name was wrong… The correct name is dmoneyoo or dmoney00… Please help correct this problem as I have people to beat… Lol

  195. Debbie says:

    Ruzzle will not recognize known words… Such as.. Sent,dines,diner…I’ve had to resign my last three games!!! Please help!! Screen name is dmoney.. Also I recently up graded to premium.. Prior to that I had no problems..

  196. Ryan says:

    At the end of a round, my wife’s ruzzle shows her the accuracy, longest word, and swipe distance. She’s doing it on an ipad and iphone 4s and I’m doing it on a different phone. Is there something I can change (settings, maybe?) so that I can see these things at the end of a round as well?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Ryan, the statistics and achievements are not the same on all mobile devices. They introduce it first for one platform and others will follow.

  197. HB says:

    A while ago I bought the Ruzzle Premium version, I played with it a long time and had no troubles. Now a few days ago when I wanted to play again, my premium version was suddenly gone. I clicked on the ‘recover’ button to get my paid-version back, but it keeps on loading, it seems like a bug. I even installed ruzzle again, but it didn’t help. I don’t want to pay again for the premium version, what can I do?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi HB, please reply to this comment and tell us what your username is. We will get it checked for you. Please also tell us which phone and OS version you are using.

      • HB says:

        I’m a Dutch player named Mevr.
        I’m using an iPod Touch (4th generation) and use iOS version 6.1.3

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Thank you. We will keep you notified. For new questions please visit our Dutch Ruzzle fansite.

        • ruzzleonline says:

          Hi, the head of support is going to talk with the Ruzzle developers about your account because it looks strange. We will update you as soon as possible.

          Her account looks strange. I will talk to the developers about this.

  198. Jamie says:

    I cannot create an account on ruzzle. Any username and password combination I submit states user name already in use. I have tried reloading the game. Any suggestions?

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Jamie, that doesn’t sound like much fun. My first thought is the username is already in use by somebody else. However, if you would like me to check it for you please send me the usernames you tried. Other solution, just login with Facebook.

  199. Bobby says:

    I can’t receive texts on ruzzle….chat box is not working properly….tell me what I can do

    • ruzzleonline says:

      We have adressed the issue and are waiting for an answer from the Ruzzle developers. We will keep you updated.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Bobby, can you please aswer the question below from the head of support at Ruzzle? Just reply on this message…

      I forwarded this to our developers, but you please ask each of the Ruzzlers what phone model and OS version they are playing on? Thanks!

  200. Amy Jase says:

    Please help me!! I like chatting on ruzzle with my old friend and when I send something it sends but when someone sends me something it doesn’t show up until I send something again. Please help me.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Thanks for letting us know. We have contacted the Ruzzle team and let you know if we have any news.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi Amy, can you please aswer the question below from the head of support at Ruzzle? Please reply on this message and we will do the rest.

      I forwarded this to our developers, but you please ask each of the Ruzzlers what phone model and OS version they are playing on? Thanks!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      For new readers, this problem with Ruzzle chat is solved.

  201. Paulz4andy says:

    Been playing ruzzle for a long time, love the fact u can talk to ones while playing. Unfortunately recently I haven’t been able to receive messages from my friends and visa versa … Please can u advise.. Have u installed ruzzle 3 times to see if that helped but alas no… P

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, we will give an update as soon as we have anwers from the Ruzzle team. Thanks for letting us know this issue.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, please aswer the question below from the head of support at Ruzzle to get the problem solved? Just reply on this message and we will forward your message.

      I forwarded this to our developers, but you please ask each of the Ruzzlers what phone model and OS version they are playing on? Thanks!

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Ruzzle chat problem solved (just posting this link for new readers).

  202. J. Kramer says:

    When playing a game is it possible to pause (if you have to) before you finish your round and then return and finish later?

  203. Laura Vigiano says:

    I was completely addicted to Ruzzle. Now when i click on the icon on my iphone4 the screen just goes black. I no longer can get Ruzzle. what do I do? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    i love this game as much as i love life itself.
    thank you.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Do you have the update of 11 April already installed? Or try a complete reinstallation of the app. If that does not work let us know, we will contact the Ruzzle developers.

  204. Jan says:

    I can’t get an ad off the screen so I can play again. No X to clear.

  205. Cindy says:

    A maybelline mascara ad will not exit off my screen. The is no ‘x’ to click. The ad came on oversized, will not reduce in size. It will scroll, but only shows the left hand side of the ad. No matter how many times I visit the site, it doesn’t change. Help?

  206. Cindy says:

    When I play one opponent the scores are always real low. Why. She says something changed and now all of her games are very low scoring.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Do you still have this problem? Please do a re-install and make sure you play the most recent version. If the problem is still there, please let us know and we will contact the developers.

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