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Ruzzle chat

Ruzzle chat problem is solved!

The Ruzzle chatt hasn’t been operating very well lately. Fortunately, we can now confirm that the problem has been solved. In the last days it became clear that many players use the chat to communicate with their fellow players. Even though many of you immediately left a message on our website, some players were wondering whether it might be their internet connection that was causing the trouble.

On request of the Ruzzle developers we asked you for information about the device you use to play Ruzzle, and the OS version that is installed on this device. In the end, however, it turned out to be a problem on the Ruzzle servers.

If new problems arise, you know where to find us!

First of all, the chat problem is supposed to be solved now. It was a server side problem and had nothing to do with what device you play on. Ruzzle team

18 Responses to Ruzzle chat problem solved

  1. maxmax7766 says:

    the chat often stops working. my messages to my friend disappear. strange thing is that it happens with one friend while if i try msging with another player it works fine. is this a application bug?

  2. K Benn says:

    I would like to know why if I send a message in ruzzle why it vanishes ? Press send and goes blank? Also how can we tell if a person has deleted there account? Would there name still appear? Hope you can solve or answer these 2 questions . Many thanks .

  3. Glenda says:

    Zeros keep showing up as my score but I didn’t even play the round. What causes this?

  4. serina says:

    I have a ruzzle account it wont let me log back in I know my user name and password is right it keeps kicking me off I can’t even login with facebook or create a new a new one can anyone help me what’s the problem it would be very much appreciated thanks

  5. Roderick Wallace says:


  6. Rosanna says:

    My Ruzzle board was moving so slow that I had to wait about 5 minutes between rounds. It buffered forever between games and took forever. I called iTunes and they said to uninstall the game and download it again. I had the premium game on my phone but my computer was hacked so now I don’t have a credit card to give to iTunes. I haven’t played Ruzzle for about a week.

  7. Deborah heinsman says:

    when the round symbols of other countries posts to the opponents face does that mean they are in that country playing Ruzzle? Or can the symbol from a country be posted ny the opponent even if they are not in that country?

    • says:

      Hi Deborah, this I copied for you from our Dutch Ruzzle FAQ.

      The flag shows from which country the user is from. He or she can however choose what language they want to play with by taping; Start new game -> Language.

  8. Susan Pereira says:

    I’m having problems with the chat on my Ruzzle games. I can see a message from a friend but when I try to reply and hit send, it shows up and then disappears. I would just like to know what could be wrong?

    • says:

      Do you still have this problem Susan?

      • bardom says:

        In december 2014, I have exactly the same problem with only one player. He can play and send me message,I can play with him but my chat message disappear when I live the chat.
        I tried to communicate with Ruzzlz Support since 26th of November without success. I’m french user and english communication is difficult for me.
        Thanks in advance for a solution.

  9. Annemarie Conrod says:

    Please update my highest round scores! Thnx,Annemarie Conrod.

  10. Annemarie Conrod says:

    Hi, I’d like to know why my highest game score hasn’t been updated! I’ve played several rounds winning over 2200, n 2600 which I’ve save photos of. You updated my round scrore and my highest word count, but neglected to update the highest round

  11. Brenda Monaco says:

    Where do I report problems with Ruzzle? I love the game but am finding that I have a few problems and it doesn’t always work properly. It reacts that I have entered a word that I know I have not entered many times during several different games.

    • ruzzleonline says:

      Hi, you can report it here and we will contact the developers for you or you can send them a message to info[at]

  12. snofoxie says:

    I just downloaded Ruzzle. Now where do I go to play it online on my apple computer?

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