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The Ruzzle Android update version 1.5.35 has recently become available at Google Play. You can now practice Ruzzle as much as you desire, because the practice mode is now accessible in the Ruzzle Free version for Android. Up until now, this was only possible in Ruzzle Premium. Not too long ago, we notified you that the practice mode had been made accessible with the Ruzzle iPhone update to version 1.4.7. Besides this great news – because practicing Ruzzle really helps – it is now also possible for Andriod players to challenge others via Twitter (don’t forget to mention @RuzzleOnline when doing so). Also the update included many bugfixes.

A few hours later this update was followed by Ruzzle version 1.5.36. In our Dutch Ruzzle FAQ, we instantly received questions about a seemingly faulty scoring system. It turns out that the update to version 1.5.35 no longer included length points, which obviously resulted in lower scores. (edit)

Two days later, another update appeared: Ruzzle Android version 1.5.37. Ruzzle released this update for Android to improve the auto login, which some players had problems with. Also, some players have had the misfortune of receiving zero points for play rounds.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the game, then let us now below. We will pass these on directly to the developers of Ruzzle.

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2 Responses to Ruzzle Android updates bring new possibilities and improvements

  1. John S says:

    Hi, any chance of bringing out Ruzzle practice modes based on rounds 1 and 2 as well as the one based on round 3? It would help get a more rounded training.
    Also with Premium (where no ads are shown) why can’t you load up the game if you are offline? Eg If you are in an area where there is no data reception/wifi you can’t play Ruzzle at all unless you load up the app beforehand.

  2. frog01 says:


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