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Ruzzle quickly became a great success in our home country: the Netherlands. You have probably noticed that we are by now the biggest Ruzzle fansite of the Netherlands. Because of this there are many possibilities to stay up to date with all Ruzzle developments and highscores per email, Twitter or Facebook. Especially our Facebook page is used regularly for finding new Ruzzle opponents. There is always someone who is willing to add you.

Nevertheless, we have seen a huge increase on our originally Dutch orientated Facebook page. It is safe to say that Ruzzle is booming in the USA and UK. The very best of Ruzzle online is from now on available (in English) at Feel free and read our Ruzzle Tips right now.

What else can you expect about Ruzzle online?

Of course, we will start launching Ruzzle highscores soon! This will encourage a healthy competition for the best Ruzzle ranking, the best word, the highest game score, the highest round score and the highest word count. Obviously it is a great experience to make it to the TOP 5 players in the USA and UK. But the list also gives you motivation to improve your personal Ruzzle records over and over again.

New players can download Ruzzle right away when we launch or Ruzzle download page. As soon as possible we will have more information available about the Ruzzle game and the developers. On top of all this, we have been able to answer hundreds of questions about Ruzzle at our Dutch fansite, and have built a fantastic FAQ section. This will be available online (in English) at this Ruzzle fansite soon.

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2 Responses to English speaking Ruzzle fans, pay attention!

  1. Robert says:

    success not succes

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